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  1. The most MB I earned at summer camp was 2 and that was twice. Otherwise I only earned one and that was the one I did with my patrol. In my patrol we decided to work on one merit badge together at summer camp. Generally this would be a handicraft or nature type badge. Somebody once said that the more a patrol does together the stronger and better it will become. Green Bar Bill was right. Summer camp was a chance to go around and try things that might not be easy to do at home. Rifle range, archery, boating, etc. Today you go to earn badges. What a waste.
  2. Can I ask this, no offense. What did YOU think non LDS troops and packs did for leaders?
  3. I am not LDS and was a scout leader for 15 years and had a family and job. In the 10 years I did as SM I missed 2 activities. Our troop did 10 activities and 1 summer camp each year as well as a HA trip every other year. It all boils down to how much time a volunteer has or is willing to give as a leader. But I don't always get the LDS side of scouting Sorry it is not just LDS volunteers that have family and jobs.
  4. My son was a Life scout needed only two MB and his project to complete Eagle. But he was involved in another activity that he really loved and enjoyed doing, and was really quite good at it too. Problem was he would have to do one or the other no way could he do both and get out of either what he wanted. Being an Eagle scout myself I would have loved to have seen him earn Eagle as well, but I also saw how very good he was at the other activity, but even more how much he loved doing it. When he asked to talk to me about it we sat and discussed it. All I could tell him was he needed to make this
  5. So we are going to compare an extra curricular activity to education, health, and faith? Let's replace scouting with say football or band. As a parent I expect my children to their best at what they try to do. "Their best" not what I think their best should be. If by that time in their life I cannot tell what their best is or isn't then I have not been much of a parent then.
  6. I agree 110%. Problem is though is that many of those that are there to guide them are the "folks that avoid" the state of mind and body.
  7. My suggestion would be to find the nearest "Eagle Mill" troop where the only priorority is completing requirements. Fun and expierence are secondary there. Because that is what your son really wants isn't it?
  8. Or maybe she was just heading down to Atlantic City and having a good time now and then. If she ever would win she would replace what she had taken. Right!!!
  9. These people have been hiding for years or "in the closet" from the put down and persucution set upon them by the"chosen" or right people.
  10. That would be nice, kind of like the mouse telling the cat how to catch me. I don't think the "brains" of Irving will let us in on how to get their butts in gear.
  11. You'd be surprised. Your "gay-dar" maybe working well, but I doubt if you also have x-ray vision.
  12. Well the SM died last year so he is not here now to defend himself or deny the accusations.
  13. Wrong, they are both men living right around the corner from you or in Anywhere, USA.
  14. First off you will have a hard time finding any BSA property that will allow you to do any of those there. Second there is nothing stopping you from doing it anyway, just remember any accidents, injuries, or lawsuits that may come from doing these your "butt" would be on the line not BSA's. I had two patrols that wanted to compete in a paintball match, no problem, just can not do it as a troop or patrol activity. Nothing says a group of boys can't go out and do things together. BSA however does not sanction these activities so you would be hard pressed to get a tour permit and or insurance to
  15. I'm wondering whether this annoucement has anything to do with the big LGBT party that will be going on in Philadelphia July 2 - 5? They are celebrating the 50 anniversary of their founding, I think. Either way this will be the city of rainbows soon.
  16. I guess its the same as Colorado and Washington legalizing Marijuana.
  17. Cradle of Liberty Council today has voted to allow gay members and leaders. Wonder how many more councils will openly give in or wait for National.
  18. I don't think Bad Wolf is all that wrong. In neither of the situations did they do anything to help themselves. Guess it takes me back to what I learned in Sunday school "God helps those that help themselves" Now as a scout would I assist them in getting what info or what not they needed? Sure but assist. not do what I feel they should have at least started or looked into themselves to start with.
  19. Other than the first job I applied for after high school I have never listed my Eagle and later my volunteering as a leader. The different ways that people look at BSA and many of the controversies surrounding it makes me believe I may have a better chance of being hired or moving on to the next step by excluding those items. True the person might be a Siver Beaver recipient or possibly a supporter or member of LBGT too.
  20. My second year as SM I took two crews to Northern Tier, my expeirence, none. In fact to be honest I had never done any type of HA before this. I had only canoed the local river on occasion but had never done lake canoeing. Which I'm sure you would agree is different. Asked at RT if anyone had done the NT recently or at all. No takers. Sat down with the leaders and scouts attending and discussed what we felt would be needed in preperation for this trip. At this time I allowed the scouts to take over and list what they felt we would need to do before going. Phyisical workouts for upper body str
  21. When I hired in as an AS in 1981, and was promoted to SM a year later, I had something like 3,000 miles of backpacking experience and modest amounts of glacier and rock climbing experience with the Seattle Mountaineers. Also a goodly amount of snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and rowing experience, trips and camping. I was 31 at the time. You don't really need formal training to master any of these sports. Experience and reading is satisfactory, in my view. The Seattle Mountaineers has a whole series of classes available, including their Basic Climbing and Intermediate climbing clas
  22. I would be running for the door fearing I had walked in on the CS RT by mistake. You want to do lashings then bring the logs and rope and do lashings.
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