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    • I'm not sure the LDS was really "dictating" their values. It's simply a matter that the values of both organizations aligned well for many years, then they did not. It's kind of like a tourist visting NYC. He wanted to walk in Central Park in the morning, but feels no visit to the Big Apple is complete without seeing the Statue of Liberty. He asks a local how to get there. He's told to go to the west side of the park and get on a subway headed south towards South Ferry. He jumps on the first southbound train, and for many miles, all is well: the train is going in the direction he wants to go. But then, the train switches tracks and heads east towards Brooklyn. The train is no longer going the direction the man wants to go. He is forced to make a choice: he can change trains to another continuing south (i.e., find a different youth organization), or he can get off the train and walk the rest of the way to his destination (i.e., develop a new program).  The only irrational thing he could do would be to stay on the train that is no longer going his direction. Personally, I think Mr. Ballard is correct.  It's not the LDS church that changed directions, it's BSA.  This shouldn't be viewed as a bad thing or as a malicious event. It's simply that the values of each organization now differ whereas they were once well aligned.
    • It is not difficult to find a location. I have been to the Quetico (Canadian side of BWCA) numerous times, and locations are easy to find. One has to find them for digging a cat hole anyway. Second, if one is only using warm water (no soap), then it is no different from swimming in the lake. 
    • The change to include reference to the mortgage is nowhere near significant enough for inclusion in the opening paragraph.  It will be at the minimum moved to a blurb at the end, but more likely deleted.  The Wiki admins don't mess around.
    • Some of those places can present different kinds of challenges... If you go to Northern Tier and try a canoe trek through the BWCA, you will find a huge abundance of water. But if you're observing LNT practices, you then want to make sure your waste disposal and shower sites are 200' away from any water source.  With thousands of lakes and streams EVERYWHERE, finding a piece of land that's 200' away from any water source can be as challenging as lugging an extra 9 pounds of water up a mountain!
    • I have always viewed the problem as some chartering organizations used their pull to have BSA conform to these COs beliefs and doctrine which then forced other COs who did not have those same beliefs to exclude members they would otherwise allow.  To use an analogy, many religious based COs believe the eating of pork is a sin, and thus violates their moral code. I argue it would not be appropriate for those COs to dictate that BSA prohibit bacon and/or exclude from membership those who eat it. It is entirely appropriate for the CO to not have bacon at their functions.  Sure this seems like a ridiculous argument to make, but the "sexual ethics" argument would be the same, just swapping out "one sin for another".  Again, it boils down to whether one CO should dictate to another CO (through their power with BSA) what "values" the other COs must use for membership. I argue no.
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