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the most important word...

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EagleInKY, just wanted you to know that I stole, I mean borrowed your idea about the scout law and gave it to our SM. He used this witht he boys and it was so great! HE had them going for four weeks until he finally told them it was the word "is" and why.


But for four weeks of meetings, the boys were trying to guess certain laws and the SM would have them explain why they thought that. Then it would open up convesation about that with the rest of the troop.


But the fourth week, one of the boys finally caught on and asked if this was a trick question because they had listed all the scout laws. That's when the SM went into your list of what the scout laws dont say and why the word "is" is the most important to a Scout.


Thanks so much for the idea, it really taught a great lesson with our troop boys! ;)

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