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    • As I, and others on the forum, have demonstrated time and time again. 
    • Please share these specific procedures beyond the HA health form...
    • A. Restrict membership to those who agree to abide by the Scout Oath and Scout Law, regardless of what part of society it discriminates against and I do not apologize for this statement. B.  Get the focus off of teaching life lessons and let the lessons be learned through the Scouting program and not try to use Scouting to teach lessons. C.  Restrict the BOY SCOUTS to boys.  If girls don't like the Girl Scouts then change the Girl Scouts, and quit trying to drive a square peg into a round peg.  I know what went on at the World Jamboree, condoms and the morning after pill given to anybody who wants one and try to make that line up with YPT, how hypocritical.  D. Let Woodbadge be Woodbadge and stop catering to those who think that the program was too tough. E.  Take a hard, close look at the way Scouting was conducted years ago (1950s-1970s) and bring back that standard of excellence.  F. Every person on the national committee, executive board, club, or ego boosting click should watch Follow Me Boys to learn about troop administration. G. Focus on the Boy Scouts and guitar trying to rebuild by overrecruting Cub Scout age children who lose interest and quit after three months. H. Let the boys get away from their families and enjoy their place in the club without worrying about families hanging around every time the Scouts take a trip. If this hurts somebody's feelings, offends someone, or appears prejudicial or sexist doesnt bother me one bit.  Let the Boy Scouts be for the boys, and be a place where they can hang out with their friends, have a good time, and can simply just by boys.
    • No worries.  The young ladies wouldn't stand for it.  They want the rugged outdoor program and the challenge of really earning Eagle Scout.  They will easily outshine the boys and shame the leaders of male troops with their toughness, discipline, and determination.  The girls will save the program that was Boy Scouting despite their lazy laggard brothers.
    • Well here is an absurdity on its own.  Are there ANY verifiable indications that anybody "can control the sexual identity of someone?"  I do not think you are likely to find any such believable or provable method.  Just saying.  Of course, this whole thing is beyond the pale anyway, as the fact is, that there is no absolute way to keep warped personalities out of the program, no matter how many barriers are put in place.  And the fact that the percentage of vases, compared to overall membership numbers, is lower than all, or almost all other similar groups makes the situation even more bazaar.  I continue to wonder how taking societal issues from another era into the current one and rendering judgement is in any way rational or justified.  I have to ask how many of the claimants were offered various options at the time, but officials outside of Scouting, or the families themselves chose to not pursue it, and let the perpetrator go, or basically "ran them out of town".  A few may have ended up mysteriously disappearing or being found in a ditch too.  But, how justify now penalizing the BSA for who knows how many societal judgement errors, or perceived errors today?   I realize I am likely being too rational for the everything is either black or white judges.  Again, this would not even be happening in almost any other country in the world.    
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