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Scout started screen repair business to pay for his Scouting projects.

Dante Gentile said he’s learned that running a business is more than simply performing the service.

“It’s a lot more complicated than I thought it was, with all the stuff you have to do – money, inventory, buying materials – mainly the management part of it.” Dante said. “And just the advertising, too. The more often people see it, the more likely they’ll try it.”

Dante Gentile said he spends many summer days repairing screens. “Sometimes if it’s a long day, we’ll put a small TV in the garage, so it’s a little more entertaining.” He said the most challenging part of repairing a screen is removing an old rubber or metal spline. “It’s a lot more difficult to take out. If it’s dried out, it comes out in little pieces instead of all at once.”

Two Scouts Screen Repair has also allowed Dante Gentile to put side some money for college and even flight school..

Scout Salute and 👍

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