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    • I know my LC personally has $13mil+ in cash and assets plus council insurance.  I think they’re probably a council with huge exposure too.
    • My guess is that Kosnoff is bluffing a bit… I have a hard time imagining lawsuits against a PTA for bake sale proceeds.   That said, I could see this turning into the asbestos lawsuits going forward that seem to be unending over the last decade.  As laws change or COs are found to have insurance coverage or decent assets they will be sued. 
    • I have been very surprised at the number of active, long-term Scouters in our community who have little idea of what is playing out.  I think that the executive board has an understanding of the potential risk but have been warned not to share information.  At the district and unit level, most are (blissfully?) ignorant.  This has entered the radar of some of the larger CO's but for the most part they also appear oblivious or at the very least uncertain if and how this could affect them for something that they sponsored perhaps 20, 30 or 40 years ago.   
    • I think they have no idea. There has been no communication from BSA to the COs other than what has been funneled through Councils. That is mostly a feel good message and in many cases there is no communication channel from the Council/District/Unit to the CO. I don't know about other CO groups, but from what I've seen from the UMC, it's still largely very vague and muted. They are concerned but still want to support scouts, at least according to the latest information I've seen. I think it's unethical that BSA is not being more forthcoming, especially with the smaller and individual CO groups. At one point they may have thought they could have managed the situation, but that is obviously not the case. I imagine if the worst happens, BSA public relations will attempt to blame it on victims' lawyers and victim lawsuits, but as all of us who are on this forum know, this train has been pulling into the station for at least 18 months. There is no excuse. I think the vast majority of COs have no idea about the omni site or anything else. 
    • I would say then that not much has changed in the positive (as far as anyone knows for sure) since November 17, 2020.
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