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First, best of luck to you and remember to have fun.


So, if I was planning my ticket I would consider developing a new high adventure program for our Council summercamp.


Since, this area is heavy in the history department the program would be a week long living history/canoeing trek that would retrace the John White, Ralph Lane expeditions of 1585/86.


Also, would try to get the Council interested in a off reservation fishing program based out of the Outer Banks. It would be a mix of inland fishing, as well as a day of deep sea fishing off of the Oregon Inlet.


Another area would be to developed a training program for our O.A. Lodge shifting the focus from their Hollywood/Plains Indian pagent to eastern woodlands. Lots of resources in the area which could be tapped into to make this happen....


Again, best of luck

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What determines ones primary position as a Scouter? I am currently a registered Webelos Den leader and an Assistant Scoutmaster. From a registration point of view, my primary registration ($7.00 and soon to be $10.00 fee) position is Webelos Den Leader and my secondary ($1.00 fee?) is SA. However, because my den will cross over in five months after my Woodbadge course and I plan on remaining as a SA for at least a few more years, I would like my Woodbadge training to be oriented around my SA activities where appropriate. I stated such in my application. Does anyone foresee a problem with this? Training begin this upcoming weekend and I have had no feedback to date {other than an acceptance letter).(This message has been edited by acco40)

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I would take WB as an ASM. The thing you need to be sure of is that you have completed the basic training for an ASM.

1) New Leader Essentials (2-hours)

2) SM/ASM Leader Specific Training (7 1/2- hours)

3) Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (1-weekend)


Bob White

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Bob's right about the prerequisite training for Woodbadge. Whether you attend as a Webelo Leader or an ASM, You will custom design your ticket for your future growth. If you will predominately be involved in Troop functions, it will be harder for you to complete ticket items in a Pack setting. A good ticket item might be to be a liason between Pack and Troop since you are in that transition stage. You stated that you expect to be an ASM for a few more years. I hope that means that after that, you will assume another position such as SM. Since your group is crossing over soon, try to help out with the transition for the parents. You know them pretty well by now and some have trouble with the transition. It is also a good way to recruit adult leaders.


maybe you can be a good old Bear too.


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Thanks for the response guys. Yes, I've had fast track and basic leader training for both positions. My concern was that I determine my primary position and not the trainers. From your responses, it sounds like I do have the freedom to choose my primary position, good!


OGE, I'm in the Clinton Valley Council (Southeast MI) and will take the training at D-Bar-A scout camp (Metamora).

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Good luck to those of you who are entering into Wood Badge, I found it to be time well spent and useful in many ways that didn't seem obvious early on.

A question: not being too familiar with the new WB syllabus, does the training vary depending on one's position in Scouting or am I reading something into the above postings?

Acco40: Regarding your ticket, a good suggestion was made on the importance of maintaining a link between your new Troop and your feeder pack. You might also counsel with your new Scoutmaster, Comittee Chair, or other WB-trained Troop leaders to see what their perception of your Troop's needs are.

Perspective is what its all about...


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Just finished the 1st weekend of WB, I did not see anything different geared for Cub versus Boy Scouts. The only difference I see at this point is the tickets that you will work on.


The topic of singing for lost items did come up! Our Troop leader said that this may happen if you flag is "lost" I got a little obonixous at this point and said I WILL NOT SING FOR A LOST ITEM! This was 2 hours into the 1st day, my patrol had a look on their faces like OH Boy what kind of loose cannon do we have here!

The Patrol guide looked at me and said what cant you sing? I stated that I have no problem getting up and singing, but I would never expect a scout to do that it is hasserment! I have a feeling that the staff had a long dicussion about this!

Our patrol flag was "lost" while my patrol was taking the flags down after dinner. This was after the patrol guide said that this would not happen.

Boy did this cause quite an uproar, But I beleive that the staff handled this very well to explain that this should not happen and why. They did a very good job of changing that tradition in 2 days! They turned a negative into a positive.

Foxes are Sly, Tallyho.

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Just finished my first weekend as a Troop Guide for the 21st Century Wood Badge. What a great course. As far as your tickets are concerned. One of the five ticket items will be on Diversity (ie: having exchange students come and talk with your troop, den, pack, team, or crew about different cultures. Just a example) We have a full course with scouters from all programs and only heard good things. Don't worry about what the old courses were like. I went to Cub Trainers WB and Boy Scout Leader WB and the new course is unique in it's own way. Leadership is continuing thru out the program and this course covers it well. Enjoy your patrol mates, work your ticket hard and go for the prize, a better program for the youth we serve.

In the Wood Badge Spirit


A good ol Fox too!

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I believe I commented about going into this as a young scout. Our patrol was all guys and I know it doesn't make any difference, but we all were like little kids again and had one of the best experiences that I've had in a long while. Everytime I see one of my patrol members, it's like we are back at Gilwell.


Dancing Fox,

Did you say five items on the ticket? We had nine! Did the ticket change that much?


a good old Bear (Kodiak)

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Your ticket should be "SMART" specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely, and address "who, what, where, when why, how measured, and how verified. The ticket is a vision of your role in scouting. You can be creative in the writing of the ticket. You do not have to use all the skills you learn at Wood Badge, but one goal must address diversity.

It is not a eaiser ticket. The vision is to teach young people to make ethical decisions and improve their leadership skills.

Good luck to all taking this great new course, enjoy the experience and challange yourself.

In the Wood Badge Spirt

Dancin Fox



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