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  1. Bob, thanks for your message, but I only want to know more about your Training Programm. It`s for me very interesting all that you said about. In Mexico we have our scheme but I would like to know how is US scheme to make some benchmarking. Can you tell me more about the themes, the time-line, and other things? Yours in scouting
  2. Bob, thanks for your information, Can I get some papers about Wood Badge for 21st Century? I can send you a copy of our documents (of course are in Spanish). Thanks a lot. Siempre Listo!! (Be Prepared)
  3. Bob, our training programme in six moths have 4-6 meetings, 2 of this should be campings. Our Training Programme is for all Adults, Scouters (directly related to boys and girls programme) or Leaders (Adults working with other Adults as Commisioners).
  4. In Scouts de Mexico (Our national organization recognized by WOSM) Wood Badge is a course of 6 moths, with other 6 moths of post evaluation. After certification scouters can continue wiht next step called "continue formation" with many small badges to get. We had changed word "training" to "formation" (in spanish meaning is development, growing, etc). In Spanish the meaning to training is so limitated to development of manual skills, thats the mean reason to this change, but many scouters are disagree. Our wood badge course are oriented to this themes: Plan, Scout Program, Scout Pr
  5. In Mexico we had changed word "training" to "formation" (meaning in spanish development, growing) What do yo think about it?
  6. Hi, Im Raul Sanchez Vaca, Im National Scout Chief of Scouts de Mexico, I would like to swap some badges with you. Siempre Listo (Be Prepared)
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