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How do you pay for Round Table

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  • How do you pay for Round Table

    Does your district have a budget for RTs? One of the problems is that any materials we use for RTs (e.g. craft supplies, handout printing costs, etc.) basically comes out of my pocket. I thought of assigning packs tasks (e.g. demonstrate how to make a PWD slide), but we don't have a great turnout for RT and having packs to bring in supplies just seems like a way to drive off the few packs that do attend. Are there other ideas out there?

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    Why should we pay for roundtable??????

    The building is free, It is run by volunteers, we don't get handouts paper or otherwise.

    Soooo, We sell Popcorn......we participate in FOS.....We overpay for district events, $15 for a camporee which cost the district nothing.

    With our districts mandatory 60% profit there should be plenty of money.....


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      When I need things reproduced, if I get them to the DE early enough, he'll print them for me, but I keep that to a minimum. I don't like killing trees. Instead, I'll have the info posted on the district web site, or sent out to the e-mail list. I used to do an actual newsletter which I e-mailed, but haven't been good about that lately.

      So, instead of having everyone make the same craft, I'll buy the materials for one or two crafts. As a I construct a craft, I take step by step pictures and write descriptions of each step. Then I e-mail out the document. I realize its less "hands on", but it helps give ideas without a great deal of expense.

      Some things I pay for myself. Often I demonstrate recycled crafts or games, so I don't have a lot of supply costs. Other times, I demo activities that I'll be re-using for a den or pack meeting, and the pack pays :-) We have an end of the year "roundtable bucks" auction. I have a budget of $150 for that - which is partially paid for by surpluses from other district events. I use my Coke Rewards points, Kmart/Sears rewards, Oriental Trading points etc. to buy things I think packs could use or benefit from.

      I use Pinterest to keep track of ideas I come across for theme related material, and then shop the sales at JoAnn, Michaels, Party City and Oriental Trading. Sometimes I buy things months in advance - but then my problem is finding where I "safely" stored them!


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        I've been in this debate for at least the last five years. Districts have costs but no budget!!!! If you have a camporee, the profit goes to the council. The district can't carry profit for later use.

        As already discussed --- Crafts, reproductions, etc

        Other Costs
        --- District awards (District Award of Merit, Distinguished Unit scouter, plaques, etc.)
        --- Supplies (napkins, plates, etc)

        The result is that many volunteers donate both their time and their money. (This message has been edited by fred8033)


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          That's crazy y'all!
          Our pros make copies at hq for RTs. Not sure what budget it comes from.

          Don't know how much of RT comes out of pocket.

          Although, I did have a commish once reproduce a slide presentation he asked me to do in full color hard copies. I felt bad because it really was a lot of ink for little content. But the material was all new to him and he was excited about it.


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            Keep your costs in line with your budget. If you have zero budget, then don't spend any money. Crafts at RT? The goal isn't to keep the adults busy for an hour, but rather to show them something they could do with the scouts, so just do one version of the craft. Besides, crafts that cost more than pocket change might not be the best ideas for the Packs anyway - they don't get their supplies free either.

            Handouts? Put the stuff up on a website and let them print it out themselves.

            A Scouter is Thrifty.


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              So let me get this straight......

              All of that money they rake in from district events just simply goes to council and all the round table commissioners simply donate everything.....

              Every time I here about district and council crap like this it makes me sick.....

              No wonder the roundtable commissioners quit......

              Our SE is knocking down $300k and yet a volunteer is stuck paying for his own roundtable materials... Absolutely pathetic.

              Why do we do it???????


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                No, B, it isn't quite like that. District events like Camporees are supposed to operate on a Zero Balance basis. At least in our District, the DE's have a slush fund that accepts and doles out the expenses. If the event is flush and makes a "profit", that is held until the next event. If the next Camporee is a little short, the slush makes it up. The fund is at the Council level. Or, the event may buy something that is reusable and an adult will keep it for future use. Everyone knows who has the banners and PWD track to loan out to Packs that don't have one of their own. And , too, the adult leaders buy stuff and keep it for use at the events. Kind of a loan thing. I do CSDC and hold a big bag of knot tying ropes, and the ropes and pulleys for the flag poles, for instance. All this stuff was paid for long ago. If I didn't keep it, it would dissapear into the great maw of the Council basement (no relation).
                We all know about the FoS and equipment supply issues with the Council folks. That's why the flag pole gear (and the poles!) are in (or strapped to) my storage shed.
                RT expenses are done the same way. Sometimes the event "profit" can be used to fund special costs. Multiple copies (with advance notice) go to the DE, who does them in the Council office.
                It is for the boys, after all.(This message has been edited by SSScout)


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                  It is exactly that in my district......A scouter who in my opinion is an outstanding and extremely trust worthy fellow. Said the DE said that any district event must make 60% profit......he went on to say the $15 camporee made $11 per scout after the reimbursement to the insurance fund was made....

                  The District Training Chair was fired because he failed to meet the financial goals set forth by the DE.....

                  Neighboring districts training are free or the cost of lunch.......Why does training cost when the building is donated, it is volunteers doing the instruction..... $12 for cub leader basics, basically watching this is scouting, youth protection and position specific...

                  Now that old Jerk DE is gone....We will see if the new guy is a straight shooter......i like his enthusiasm.


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                    So district boys......

                    How is it supposed to work?????

                    Facts no fiction please......

                    I hit it off with the new district chairman......Solid fellow, he and I seem to be cut from the same fabric....frightening I know.......While I have his ear I would like to get with him and fix some things that just ain't right in our district.


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                      I also help on the district level and have helped put a few event budgets together. Not a huge number, but a few. I'm not an author of the budget, but I've helped.

                      They are approved by the council and require a X percent mark-up to cover when other events (other districts or council) over-run their budgets. A good example is an event that purchased several thousand extra patches that they couldn't use. The theory is that the events will wash out in the long run.

                      A few comments
                      - Districts can buy supplies that can be used later such as flags, poles, equipment but usually only if used as part of the event that charged the fees.
                      - Districts don't process or manage money.
                      - Districts don't have a bank account and are not a separate financial entity.
                      - Every event I've seen has checks written to the council.
                      - Councils re-imburse districts per the approved budget
                      - Districts can't keep a slush fund. To get event money out of the council, you need a receipt and an expense report.

                      - Our DE has always been willing to make copies at the council office. We even have OfficeMax (Depot??) to make copies for us on the council budget.
                      - The challenge is that district volunteers don't always have time to get to the DE or the right OfficeMax(Depot??) to make copies.

                      - Not all districts are equal. One district might have a great "free" place to hold district events / camp outs. Another has to rent council property at $5 per person and $$$ for each and every building / facility being used.

                      - Making copies isn't the issue.
                      - It's how to pay for the more costly things. $25 for an engraved District Award Of Merit. Other awards and thank-you items. It's not unusually to spend $150 to $200 annually on district level awards / recognition / thank yous.
                      - In the past, the district pays for awards by charging for the district dinner and having a council approved budget for that dinner. The dinner fee includes cost to cover the awards.
                      - But district dinners are not really a sustainable model anymore. Fee people want yet another event. Ends up having 20 to 30 "paying" attendees. Food is $10 per person. $10 donation per person for awards. That makes the district dinner cost is $20 to $25 per person for food that is just average.


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                        Yeah Basement - Don't know why you think Camporees cost nothing. Ours cost something to put on. The place it is held, may or may not charge us (Especially now the Council camps want to charge us for their use.) If not an official camp, but a field you need to rent outhouses and water buffalos. Usually the events need things built, or handed out. Sometime winning prizes are crafted out of free wood, but sometimes bought. Then of course there is the price of the patches that everyone who attends recieves.

                        Hard to get exactly zero balance, with our district few pre-register, many are walk-ins.. So most times we end up sweating we will be in the red if no one shows up, but usually do make black. Then as stated, the District doesn't get to keep the profit.


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                          Someone must have hacked Basement's account!


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                            I have served in one of the top staff positions at our districts cub scout day camp for 9 years now. Although I don't handle finances I do attend the staff meetings where it is discussed. Here's what I know about our CSDC finances.
                            Council handles all the money. Registration fees go directly to council.
                            CSDC is issued a debit card for approved purchases
                            District owned and maintains the equipment used year after year (BB guns, bows etc.)
                            Council wants 30% off the top of all moneys collected
                            Our CSDC is a major fundraiser, gross income over $70,000

                            District events such as winter camp, camporees or OA events are held at our council camp and they charge for the use of the camp. Those costs are passed on to the attendees.

                            (This message has been edited by Eagle732)


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                              Our Camporees are free, well cost the district nothing....

                              We have a scouter who owns and donates portajohns, the campgrounds are the amvets or firemans parks generally, the troops provide the materials to run the activities station.... The Amvets has city water.... the district activities chair makes the awards out of oak biscuits..

                              It cost nothing. We are not permitted to walk in....we are required to use the council on line registration and system to pay

                              Seattle the Good old boys club in the district is dead..... The jerk DE is gone....The new District Chair is a real no nonsense guy......I really like him and hope he can make a difference.... He has addressed a few of the issues I have been wondering about.....Did it with some authority too.....