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Woodbadge Patrol Yells

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  • Woodbadge Patrol Yells

    How about if we all share our patrol yell/cheer. Just for the fun of it.
    Here is my Eagle Patrol cheer.
    "The Eagles are Coming, The Eagles are Coming . . .AHHHHHHHHHH!"
    The AHHHHH was done while we "tracked" the eagles across the sky with our hands like we were pointing to them. Kinda like from the Lord of the Rings.
    Once we also borrowed an Eagle yell from a patrol totem that was given to us by a fellow Eagle
    "Eagles Aye, Flying High!"
    Lets all share, who is next?
    I used to be an Eagle

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    "I'm a talon you, we're the Eagles!"


    Ed Mori
    Troop 1
    1 Peter 4:10


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      The SR-540 Beavers used four different yells. Our official yell is "chew or die". Our unofficial yells during the course were, "Ward, I'm worried about the Beaver", "good morning Miss Landers" and "gee Wally".


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        We have two.

        Long: We are the WISE OWLS!! HootHoot!

        Short: Hoot! ... HOOTOWLS!!!!

        Oh, and we had a counter-yell to anybody elses:


        A Good Old Owl Too
        C-40-05(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)


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          [Sung to the tune of the song from the Disney movie:]
          Bom, bom, bom,
          BEAR necessities!
          The simple BEAR necessities!


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            You always hear about the secrecy of Wood Badge Tickets. I say that is not true. If you post here about tickets you get many many responses. Now if you ask about patrol yells you only hear from 4 others. I think the true secrecy in WoodBAdge is in the patrol yells. Come on everyone, lets hear it!!
            I used to be an Eagle now I am waiting for my beads.



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              Our main yell was

              "Sly as a FOX can't keep us in a box. Yippee, Yippee."

              We also called ourselves the Foxes that Rockses.

              C-44-06 Fox Patrol


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                I am a member of the NE-IV-139, "Da Minsi Bears"

                we had as our song:

                Bear down, Da Minsi Bears
                Make every day a step to victory
                Bear down, Da Minsi Bears
                We will never forget Gilwell Park and its history

                We will never forget our fascination
                With coping with all the information

                Bear down, Da Minsi Bears
                Let them know you are wearing the crown
                Our pride and joy though others we annoy
                Da Minsi Bears, Bear Down!!!

                (which is even better if you know the tune of the fight song of a certain midwestern NFL team from a certain city on the shores of a certain great lake)

                our cheer is done as follows:
                Standing at attention the patrol member says in a loud voice "OH", then turns head to the right and facing down mumbles "bother"


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                  We didn't have a patrol "yell" per se...we clapped our hands everytime someone said "Beavers"..we were SO in tune to it though that by lunch on our 2nd day, our SPL was saying "that patrol who's name starts with a "B" because he was afraid to say Beaver again!! We had a patrol motto though.."with the smack of a tail"

                  Sue M.


                  • #10
                    Oh, what wonderful memories.

                    Ours was:

                    Some are old,
                    and some are bold
                    but wood badge owls
                    are good as gold.

                    Since two of my fellow owls were deaf the yell wasn't yelled at all, it was done in sign language.

                    SR - 33
                    1994 Comer Scout Reservation


                    • #11
                      Go Bears Go!
                      Go Bears Go!
                      We're Gilwell's best, we're up to the test,
                      Go Bears Go!

                      C-12-04 The Energetic Eight-Clawed Bears


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                        My favorite from this spring's course was the Antelope Patrol's:

                        "Home, home on the range. Where the deer and the antelope -- HEADLIGHT!!" (Accompanied by a sudden frozen cringe)

                        They varied the intro, but always ended with "HEADLIGHT!". Had us all in stiches.

                        I used to be a staffer, a good old staffer too.
                        Diane, Troop guide WE3-55-06


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                          ...we clapped our hands everytime someone said "Beavers"..

                          Similar thing with us; we'd slap our leg with open hand.

                          We thought about using "DAm It!" as our yell, but figured that was a tad un-Scoutlike.

                          We made "Buckey Beaver Teeth" from styrofoam and would wear them whenever we could.

                          The flagstaff on the Bobwhite flag mysteriously had "Beaver Chew Marks" on it...

                          Bobwhites would yell "Covey Up!" whenever the Foxes were about.


                          • #14
                            (sung in 3 part harmony, to the tune of "Barbara Ann")

                            Bob-Bob-Bob, Bob-Bob-a-White,
                            Bob-Bob-Bob, Bob-Bob-a-White,
                            Rockin and a rollin, Rockin and a reelin
                            Bob-a-White, Bob-Bob, Bob-Bob-a-White!


                            • #15
                              I'm a Charmin Bear

                              Our yell is "Please don't squeeze the Charmin"

                              We have 2 songs:

                              The first is:

                              I used to be a bear
                              And a mean old bear too
                              Ive eaten me an Eagle, a Fox and beaver stew.
                              Im getting rather hungry
                              And I dont know what to do
                              So Im going to catch a staffer if I can
                              Back to dinner, Frying pan
                              Im going to catch a staffer if I can

                              and the second is:
                              Charmin Bears sung to Bear Necessities

                              Look for the Charmin Bears
                              The woodbadge Charmin Bears
                              We belong to Gilwell troop 1
                              We are the Charming bears
                              The Love to sing and dancing bears
                              We have the spirit to be # 1.