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Court of honor dress

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  • Court of honor dress

    I'm a cubmaster and got invited to to attend the eagle court of honor for a friends son.
    Do I wear my scout uniform or civilian clothes?

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    I think the ultimate answer is what ever you choose.

    I had the same dilemma when I was an assistant den leader to an eagle scout's younger brother. I wore civilian clothes. The uniform would have been OK too, however, I had an appointment just after the ECOH.

    His grandfather wore the uniform he made eagle in.

    If you want to wear the uniform, wear it. If you don't, then don't. All eyes will be on the eagle scout anyway...


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      Yes, it is your choice. You certainly would not look "out of place" in uniform, but, again, it is your choice. Either is perfectly appropriate.


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        Of course from the title of your thread, if you are female, go for it, otherwise, I'd take a pass unless you have a really nice pair of high heels to go with it.



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          I salute you for such a bold choice to wear to an eagle court of honor......I would make sure the Dress isn't too reveling and certainly no more than two fingers in length above the knee. I would stay away from red or black...

          Seriously your uniform is fine and appropriate.

          Dang it blake ya beat me too it.


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            At least this guy doesn't work for a newspaper and have to come up with article titles. Gotta read them, then read them carefully, then have your drunk buddy read them, and then if it's okay, print it.


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              ya know I bet a Scottish kilt and a class A shirt would look kinda Bad A$$


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              This post reminds me of a similar question I've often wondered... I've been to Eagle CoH's out of uniform and have noticed others in civilan attire wearing their Eagle medals. Is this common? I've worn my Eagle medal in uniform at CoH's, but never the opposite. Regardless, I still stand when the call goes out to "all Eagles in attendance to please stand and be recognized".


              • dcsimmons
                dcsimmons commented
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                I think I'd skip the medal with "civilian" wear. However, a NESA Eagle lapel pin would probably be appropriate.

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              OK, so a minor hijack but along the same lines. My son's Court of Honor is next month. Do I go as Dad or Scoutmaster? I've asked him but haven't gotten a response yet. I'm leaning towards Dad because that's my favorite role.


              • jblake47
                jblake47 commented
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                I'd go as Dad. You will always be dad, but eventually you will cease being SM.


              • qwazse
                qwazse commented
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                Our SM went as dad (dress shirt and tie):
                CM was MoC, two ASMs (actually SM emeritus) talked about the meaning of Eagle Scout and recollected the boy's scouting carreer, and I lead the Eagle charge.
                If you have the depth use it. Actually, (personal preference here) your boys could do each of those. If they're attending in sufficient numbers and are appropriately gifted, use those gifts.

              • Twocubdad
                Twocubdad commented
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                Been there twice.

                At the heart of our troop's traditional presentation is our CC reading a bio on the Eagle, the COR reading the "Eagle Charge" to the Scout and me telling a pithy (okay, I think they're pithy) story, sometimes a like a SM minute other times just something noteworthy or exemplary about the Scout. The Eagle medal is then handed down the long line of Eagles and then I give the medal to mom, who pins it on, dad presents the certificate, then the Scout does the Mom, Dad and Mentor pins.

                For my sons' ECOHs, I told my story, then made a point of turning the remainder of the presentation back over to the CC. I became "dad" again and the CC took the SM part of the ceremony. So I sorta had it both ways.

                Being the Scoutmaster's kid is like being the teacher's kid or the minister's kid. It has its pluses and minuses but it's a special relationship. Both my boys were up in the air about my participation. They wanted me to be dad, but their dad is the Scoutmaster. In other words, their ECOH was just like the rest of their Scouting career. We all agreed it would be weird for me to show up in a coat and tie and ignore the fact that Scouting has been something we've done together. Besides, half the troop wouldn't recognize me out of uniform.

                It worked for us. Talk to your son and find something that works for you two.

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              Originally posted by dcsimmons View Post
              OK, so a minor hijack but along the same lines. My son's Court of Honor is next month. Do I go as Dad or Scoutmaster? I've asked him but haven't gotten a response yet. I'm leaning towards Dad because that's my favorite role.
              From what I've seen, but not a hard-and-fast rule, is that Dad goes as Dad. Uniform or not is up to you, but MCing (if normally done by the scoutmaster) and Scoutmaster's minute duties are handed off to an assistant or other scouter (e.g. retired Scoutmaster). You get the night off to be dad.


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                I'd wear a uniform, but that's me. I'm also an Eagle so the medal is worn. Not an official website, but states you can wear the medal in civilian dress. I know I read it once that it was ok, wish I could remember where.

                And I just noticed that "Adults wear onlyon formal Eagle occasions." p 30 of the Guide to Awards and Insignia.


                • koolaidman
                  koolaidman commented
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                  Since the insignia guide is careful to point out whether items are for uniform, non-uniform or formal wear, it must me intentional and therefore OK to wear the medal in civilian dress.

                • njeagle92
                  njeagle92 commented
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                  Nice find! Thank you!

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                Thank you all for the feedback.


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                  While not quite the same magnitude as the Eagle CoH, in our Cub Pack, for the Arrow of Light / Bridging ceremony; when the Cubmaster's son(s) are recipients/graduates, the CM becomes another parent and the MC and presentation duties pass along to other pack leaders.


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                    Regarding the use of medals. It is good and right to wear the Eagle medal with civilian dress in formal situations where medals are worn. (I know these are rare for most folks. Happens once every few years for me.)

                    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it may never be worn on a military dress uniform (armed services rule, not scouting's). An exception can be made if the scout is enlisted at the time he has his court of honor.


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                      Believe it or not, the SPL who really worked with when I was a brand new PL got permission to wear both an Eagle tie bar (an old one that was a gift to him) and his Eagle medal with is military uniform at my ECOH. Also had a recruiter show up briefly with Eagle medal on too. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for his wife, he had to leave just after arriving due to her going into labor. I saw him take it off while leaving.