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  1. I was as surprised as everyone when I learned yesterday of BSA's decision to open enrollment to girls at the Cub level in 2018 and Troop level in (projected) 2019. I am curious: I was emailed a survey from BSA this spring or early summer. It was a short survey of about 10 questions, but the gist of the survey was to probe the relevance of the BSA program for girls. The survey also asked whether the Eagle rank should be awarded to girls who complete the requirements. I presume those who read this topic are connected in some way "electronically" with the BSA. That is to say, the BSA h
  2. I'm an Eagle scout and Scoutmaster. I would welcome girls to my troop tomorrow. Why? Because they want to be active. They choose to conduct themselves according to the scout Oath and Law. Two deep leadership? Yes, that will most certainly be an issue, but I already have active moms on my Troop Committee. I just don't see how an all girls' unit makes it off the launch pad without significant support of the local BSA troop. Let's do this right the first time. Let's figure out how to integrate and not segregate. This weekend my troop will camp and tour West Point, USMA. My boys
  3. So will this be a "separate but equal" program for girls in 2019? We've been down that road before... Why not use the Venture model to integrate BSA troops?
  4. My buddies razzed me and the girls laughed at my "little uniform". Then the local paper did a write up following my Eagle COH. Same buddies, same girls (even the "hot" ones) all agreed my Eagle accomplishment was pretty cool. Go figure.
  5. I had Skill Award requirements on my trail to Eagle: 1985-1992. The Skill Awards were discontinued at about the time the rank patches got redesigned. We called them the "diarrhea brown" ranks. Anyway, the lower rank advancement required Skill Award completion. Once you got to 1st class, the focus shifted to merit badges. Still have my handbook from 1979 and its my best resource for teaching scoutcraft to my Weblos. I haven't looked at the current Boy Scout advancement. The skill awards were a nice primer for Camping, Cooking, Envi Sci and other merit badges. Have the "skills" which com
  6. GREAT TOPIC!!! I have my scouting apps grouped together on my iPhone. Among them: Star Walk- an awesome astronomy app! Also, Grog Knots- this app shows how to tie dozens of knots/hitches/lashings/splices step by step with animation; Leafsnap is a plant/tree identifier: just take a pic of a leaf against a white background! MapLandNav- All you ever wanted to know about compass/orienteering, I've also installed Army Ranger survival and SAS survival apps. Lastly, if your Troop or Pack is without a bugler, pay the 1.99 or so and buy Army Bugle Calls. All the bugle calls we've come to know an
  7. What happened to the red loops?
  8. This post reminds me of a similar question I've often wondered... I've been to Eagle CoH's out of uniform and have noticed others in civilan attire wearing their Eagle medals. Is this common? I've worn my Eagle medal in uniform at CoH's, but never the opposite. Regardless, I still stand when the call goes out to "all Eagles in attendance to please stand and be recognized".
  9. I'm sure it's a hot topic on the boards- ill search for some suggestions. Thoughts of a mass resignation have crossed my mind.
  10. Any ideas how to get other committee members to round table? Or other parents?Despite some 60-70 families in our Pack, it's been the SAME 5 parents performing multiple Pack roles, myself included. No one wants to step up. Sure, we get the pats on the backs for a job well done, but we also get the petty criticism. I know the 5 of us would like a break, but we carry on our multiple roles out of necessity.
  11. Our boys keep the same den number as they progress through the ranks. We "recycle" den numbers once boys cross-over. We encourage Weblos dens to take on a patrol identity but thats a hard fought battle. Once they trade their blue uniforms for khaki, the den number is usally replaced with a patrol patch. We prefer our dens number no more than 8-10 boys and no fewer than 6-8 boys. We will often have multiple dens in a given rank.
  12. I should put 'inspections' in quotes... "Inspections". My Pack is on the larger side- about 70 boys comprising 8 dens- Tigers through Weblos 2. We don't line em up and walk the ranks. During our Pack meetings, one or two parents/assistant Cubmasters wil casually look around and make a mental note of which dens are in uniform. We meet in the school auditorium and so we have the benefit of seating scouts in rows by den with Tigers up front, then Wolves, Bears, Weblos with the parents/akelas in the back rows. We leave it to the den leaders to keep watch of their scouts. We sit the parents in back
  13. You raise an excellent point that, until now, had escaped me. I do see the value in councli roundtables in the opportunities to help others. Thanks!
  14. We require Class As at monthly Pack meetings, Pinewood Derby, Blue and Gold, Memorial Day Parade, and any other "formal" activity. Class Bs for Den meetings and go-see-it activities, with Class A always an option. If a scout is not in uniform, there's probably a good reason, and no one bothers. A respect for the uniform is a basic principal. I completed my Eagle requirements one day before my 18th birthday. I attended Troop activities through high school. When I got old enough to drive myself to and from meetings, I'd arrive in "street" clothes and change just before. The little cubs
  15. Maybe the better question is, "Why have you waited so long to participate in the forum?" I've known about Scouter.com from other adult leaders, but I blew it off. What was I to get from a "virtual roundtable"? Disenfranchised with my Council RT, I signed on to this forum only very recently. I'm glad I did. Folks here dont just wear the uniform, if you know what i mean.
  16. I guess I'm "tradiitional" and I prefer over the collar. Im going to try tucking the collar under. Ive read of scouts/scouters actually ripping the collar off. Thats a bit much for me. In my Pack the boys are pretty good with their uniforms. We have a mascot totem that we award to a Den on a monthly basis who best displays the proper wearing of the uniform. Like the Stanley Cup, it comes back to the Pack to be awarded again. Some Dens bring it to Den activities, outings, etc. Every Pack meeting, the boys know to look sharp for uniform inspections. We bring the "best dressed" Den on sta
  17. So we can all agree that there is no bright line rule for over vs. under the collar neckerchiefs, and it’s up to the Unit to decide? When I show up for my next Pack meeting wearing my necker OVER the collar, I’ll brace for comments, confident that I can cite to the appropriate uniform rule. I expect my cubs to wear neckers as part of their class A , so I wear my necker too. And while I’m on the subject… when I was a cub, it was a big deal to trade your yellow necker for a plaid when you became a Weblo. This was before Tigers when cubs had the yellow for three ye
  18. Who needs Council round tables when this forum exists? Not sure I do... I find monthly round tables tedious; but I can find no other parents to go. I'm the sucker, but I'm also an Eagle and I'd love for every one of my scouts to have the same positive experience I had in scouting. This is my opportunity to give back. But let me say, it's a whole different ball game when you're the adult leader. Every month I seem to do the equivalent of an Eagle service project. Anyone else feel the same? Like the success or failure of your program is on your shoulders alone and BALOO training was
  19. Trading isn't just for pins and patches. At the 1989 Jambo at A.P. Hill, I traded away 3 class A's and 3 class B's for international unis- Canada, Taiwan, France, South Africa, Mexico and Netherlands. Blokes from the UK wouldn't accept a straight up trade; I said "no thanks" when they wanted the few bucks in my pocket too! On the next to last day of the Jambo when they came around to take Troop photos, I had to borrow uniform items from 3 or 4 of my fellow American scouts! Nothing I wore in that photo was mine. Even the socks we borrowed. My buddy let me keep those.
  20. Stosh, can you tell me more about the honor scout program in your troop? As I understood (or came to believe), the OA comprised the honor scouts. You knew them by their pocket flaps- those were the guys I'd hang around when I was Tenderfoot and Second Class. I remember my scoutmaster explaining that the custom had been for the leadership patrol- SPLs, ASPLs and PLs to wear the campaign hat and the rest of the troop wore the garrison cap. That was the tradition a generation before me. I see photos from the 1940's and 1950's and those boys looked sharp! I'd like to bring back to my troop
  21. I try to be a low key but effective leader. I attend most of my roundtable commitments. I could do better, but I can never find a backup volunteer to fill my seat. But I digress... Since putting on the adult uniform, I've done my best not to become "that guy". You know the type- others refer to him as the "Banana Republic South American Dictator". Well, in my District, that guy wears an Expedition hat. Yup, he's got that blinged out too. Hence my reluctance to go Expedition. Tim, I hope all is well following Sandy. I happen to live in a Council that was rocked hard by the superstor
  22. RememberSchiff, I wanted to thank you the links. From the links I was able to email some folks who may or may not have updated information regarding the status of Treasure Island. I spent far too many hours last night navigating the forums here and I am finding it a wonderful resource. A 'virtual roundtable' of sorts without all of the square knots! Ill be spending more time here. Thanks again!
  23. gsdad, I came away from TI that summer with a really nice red and white pamphlet celebrating TI's 75th anniversary. Nicely done with "then" and "now" photos from a number of places on the island. I hope you saved your copy- sounds like that may be all we'll have to remember the island. I find it shameful, disrespectfully, irreseponsible, irreverant that the COL council has permitted the camp to go to waste. I still tube the Delaware and I've wanted to explore the island on more than one occasion. Now that I hear of it's deplorable condition, I'll pass on a tour of its ruin. I he
  24. I’m new to the Forum so please forgive me if this thread was begin somewhere else. I saw no entries for “Treasure Island†in the search menu. I attended summer camp at Treasure Island (“T.I.â€Â) Scout Reservation in the mid-late 1980’s, and I participated in various Order of the Arrow activities during those summers. I was in attendance for the camp’s 75th anniversary in the summer of ’88 and we buried a time capsule near the totem poles at the entrance to the parade field which was to be opened on the camp’s 100th anniversary. TIâ
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