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Who's got these Boy Scout Movies?

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    Hey you know whats a good movie to see its called Mr Scoutmaster I saw it on A and E one night did anyone ever see it before


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      I just got Follow Me Boys off on DVD. It's a wonderful movie, although, we all sat around and said who we thought was who and then that we wished we had a troop like that.

      I love it. My son (life scout) loved it too. The only part I didn't like was seeing Whitey "rescue" a boy that had fallen over a cliff without getting their adult leader. The adult didn't hike with the boys that day like they should have.

      I think I only paid like $10 for it.


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        Actually Mollie, Ol' Lem was ahead of his time. Since it was only him, and no two deep leadership to be seen, you can take that hike as a patrol outing, and in a patrol outing scouts can even camp without any adults as long as the plan is approved by the scoutmaster.

        BTW, if you listen to the beginning of the movie, you will find out that the town Lem settles in is about 3 hrs from Chicago. There is a comment made that they have to get to Chicago by dark as the bus has a broken tailight. I lived in Illinois for almost 25 years, there is no place around Chicago that remotely looks like the scenery shown in the movie. Then again, the Christmas tree shopping scene from Naitonal Lampoons Christmas vacation would have you beleive Chicago is just a few miles away from the steppes

        BTW 2, showed FOllow Me Boys during a movie lock in, billed it as showing how Snake Pliskin got his start, Escape from New York and Escape from LA came next(This message has been edited by OldGreyEagle)


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          Scouts on the big screen -

          Just in the past week some more scout sightings -

          1. Manchurian Candidate has Denzel meeting with two boy scout troops near the beginning, giving a talk about Desert Storm. At the end of his presentation, the scoutmaster stands up and says a goofy thank-you. Uniforms look impeccable.

          2. Major Payne has a wolf cub scout near the end fully dressed.

          3. I was watching an old rerun of Ozzie & Harriet - Ozzie makes a promise to Harriet holding up the peace sign, saying 'scout's honor'. Harriet corrects him, 'that's cub scouts'. Ozzie changes to three fingers.


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            I'm glad to hear Follow Me Boys is still available on VHS. Hopefully, it will make it to DVD one of these days.

            As to This Boys Life, there is reference to DeNiro and DiCaprio as in Scouting, but it is just demonstrating DeNiro's brutality to the kid. There is no real Scouting in it.

            I you really want to get out there in Scouting TV references, on the old Battlestar Galactica, ca 1979, one episode features the ship visiting a planet like modern day Earth. They send down a group of adults and boys disguised as Boy Scouts to do some, well, scouting around the planet.


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              I have two copies of Follow Me Boys on DVD. Disney released it last year. Best Buy has them in this area.


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                In that old movie, "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington", I seem to remember he was a boy scout leader, or at least wanted to start a program for boys (sounds familiar) :-D
                -Curtis :-D


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                  Just got a copy of Follow Me Boys on DVD from Amazon.comm for 19.95, I think that price included shipping.


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                    Bingo! Found Follow Me Boys DVD on Netflix. I put in on my rental queue. Haven't seen it in a while. Thanks for the heads up.


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                      I picked up "Follow me Boys" at Target for $14.99 on DVD.

                      Now my youngest Sons favorite movie.



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                        I was kinda watching one of disaster movies the other night.It had Rick Schroder in it a hospital was being evacuated and a Sm with troop all in uniform went up to one of the nurses and said We're a troop what do you need us to do. Then I heard all 3 of mine HEY MOM LOOK SCOUTS.


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                          Indiana Jones as a Boy Scout at the beginning of Last Crusade...

                          My Boys always ask if he got his Eagle? He is wearing Life....

                          We always get a chuckle because the G2SS would never let you ride a horse like that. hahahaha


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                            I saw an episode of "Our Gang" yesterday that had scouts in it. They were showing camping skills to the kids prior to going camping. The gang wanted to go along but they are too young to join. They strike out on their own and have several mis-adventures. They end up in a patch of poison ivy. As they head back to town, the scouts come along and treat the poison ivy for them. The gang decides there is more to this camping thing than they thought.


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                              Reference ScoutNerd's question about "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington".

                              The group Jefferson Smith (James Stewart) leads is called the "Boy Rangers," an allusion to Boy Scouts.


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                                I watched Follow Me Boys on DVD and it really still holds up. A little corny by todays standards, but still a classic. I always loved the part where Hoodoo turns up as the Governor.