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  1. The UC here has 5 units 3 Packs and 2 Troops. 2 of the Packs are new. One of the Packs that I have a son in is one of new Packs this group has never seen him. Even after requests for help. He has visited the Troop my older sons are in twice I think. Only there to sign our recharter packet. Sad to say the other new Pack has folded. I'd have to say the UC here is far from competent.
  2. We were contacted by the acting DC in July. (for something else) and the CM asked about the UC and was told none assigned yet. First about the leaderships training. CM and ACM have been doing Scouts for 5 years they both have all the Training that there is for Cub Scouts. I have all the Cub training plus Troop Committee training there is including safe swim,safe float.and Commissioner training.I have been the Districts Daycamp Director for 3 years. I have been in the Scouting program for 11 years.Needless to say the news from this newsletter was a surprise to us. The problems here don't start
  3. I am on the committee of a new Pack. We started up in May 07.We have never been contacted by our UC. The town I live in has 5 units. 2 Troops and 3 Packs. In the Council newsletter I got just yesterday says A Distinguished Commissioner Service Award was given to a man in our town for having 5 units. I guess someone thinks he's doing a good job. But our little Packs Leadership will hold out until we meet him to decide if he's Distinguished or not.
  4. Our Troop along with the other Packs and Troops and the Girl Scouts spent the morning placing flags on the graves at our Veteran's Cementary. It is the only one in the Northern Nevada area. A total of 5000 flags. Tomorrow night at sunset our Troop will be helping our Charter Org the local American Legion Post take down a garrison flag at a local business which we will retire in June. Then Monday morning will be helping raise a new flag to replace it. The gravesite flags we have been doing for the Scouts in the area have been doing for the last 15 years. On Thurs our Troop has been asked to att
  5. My first PWD was 10 years ago. Up until this year it was always a round robin type race. Parents could sign up to race in a unlimited race. Which I always signed up for. Lets not talk about how my car did. I always had fun tho.My older boys after they became Scouts always entered the unlimited race too. The Pack always had a pit. Fathers that would help fix any problems with a car after racing had started. If a car lost it's weights,they were replaced,lost a wheel it was fixed,a boy was never taken out of a race.This year big changes.Double elimanation,Very sad little boys that only got 2 race
  6. I know how you feel.Last year my youngest crossed over the bridge to Scouts. My oldest (Troop SPL) was waiting on other side welcomed him and helped change his neckerchief to the Troop's. Totally a Mom tear moment.Congrats to both your son and you. JoAnne
  7. As I was reading this the mention of NFL players and I remembered my boys being very excited that one of the players in the 2006 Hall of Fame class thanked his Boy Scoutmaster. The players name is Rayfield Wright he played for the Dallas Cowboys 1967-1979. NFL Football Hall of Fame and Scout! Maybe a public image that boys could admire. Just a thought.
  8. Have the Pack present Dad with a pocket flag if he doesn't already have one. But then a second one from his Pack might still be nice.
  9. Hi Insanescouter We are working on getting our Troop to come for a chat. The Beasties and I will be happy to chat with someone from the southern part of our State Beastiesmum
  10. E You all will be in our prayers. JoAnne
  11. I'm the program director for our District Day Camp. While making up a list of what the boys may complete at the camp.I wondered if these could count for the Sportsmen. So I called into our Council and asked the Council. The Assistant Scout Executive/Director of Operations told me they are Sports Loops and can be used for the Web requirement,as long as they were earned at a Day Camp. I'd call your Council to check.I know not every council is the same.Give yours a call to make sure.
  12. Last summer at camp we had a missing Scout. He was found within a hour. The Arlarm went off just after most of the boys in our camp had gone to bed.Two of the older boys from the troop that was sharing our camp site grabbed what looked like a mesh fishing vest.Anyway as we were all at the Emergency meeting place these scouts had emergency blankets,and handwarmers they were giving to the little guys.All which they pulled out of the pockets of the vest.The next day I asked them about their vest which they wore all the time.They said they had everything in the pockets that they may need.They even
  13. The big summer hit for our Pack is the Cubs on Subs program.Parents and cubs traveled to the Bay Area.Not to long of a drive from here.Considering any where you go in Nevada is a bit of a drive.Anyway they all spent the night on the USS Pampanito a WWII Sub. It was great. This year the trip was opened up to the Troop and they will all be doing the Live Aboard Youth Program on the USS Hornet.The Troop boys will have the chance to work on the Aviation Merit Badge and also the Radio Merit Badge if they choose.Last year was such a big hit that the # of boys and Parents has doubled for this years
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