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  1. I serve my district as the chair of the Eagle Board of Review and Advancement Committee Co-Chair. When I recieve a project for approval, I look it over, approve or deny and send it back within a day or two. There is no reason to sit on it for any length of time. Some districts have done only through the Eagle BOR and that can add time. Each council or district may set their own way of approving the projects. The Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures gives no guidelines on how to approve Eagle Scout Leadership Service Projects, only that it "must approved by the distric
  2. I have just been appointed to the position of District Advancement Chair for our new district. I have read and re-read Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures and have sat down with the District Executive to plan things out, including forming our district Eagle Board of Review. Any advice from the distinished forum members?
  3. Our Troop participates in the Memorial Day services put on our local American Legion Post. They do a service at the Post's Memorial Park and 4 local cemeteries. Yours in Scouting, Scott
  4. My Scouting story begins in the fall of 1969, when my father wanted something for me to do. He and several others founded Pack 91 and I got started. In 1973, I joined Troop 91,with my Arrow of Light. In 1980, I recieved my Eagle Scout. I went into the Air Force the following year and joined a troop on base as an ASM. Following the Air Force, I rejoined Troop 91 and served 2 years as Scoutmaster. I went into the Commissioner ranks until I hit a political snag within the council in 1987. I rejoined Scouting in 1990 as the Cubmaster of Pack 91 and in 1993 moved up to the Commissi
  5. Part II Pass out a copy of the Troop Committee Guidebook, chapter 4. Give each participantthe Troop Committee Member Responsibilities card that matches the responsibility shown on his or her game piece. Tell the participants that they will have 2 minutes to review their specific responsibilities. They will have 1 to 2 minutes to report on the two responsibilities they think the most important to their role. Then outline a sample committee meeting adgenda. That should see you through. Scott(This message has been edited by shemgren)
  6. The puzzle pieces are numbered and the trainees are to label each one to the topic of the piece. The answers from the syllabus: 1) The Scout 2) The patrol 3) Youth Leaders 4) The patrol leaders' council 5) Adult Leaders 6) Troop Committee 7) Chartered organization 8) Unit Commissioner 9) District Committee 10) Scouting District 11) Local Council 12) National Council As they label them, have the trainees put the puzzle together, which makes the game board for the next section. The trainees take the game piece for their position on the committee. Place the piec
  7. The advancement program in Scouting has "ranks" to recognize the Scout's ability that has been demonstrated by meeting the requirements of the rank. A 1st Class Scout should be more capable in skill then a Tenderfoot. The ranks recognizes and stand for what a Scout is capable of, not just what he has demonstrated.
  8. I got my Eagle when the uniform was changed (1980). I bought my new style uniform in 1981. There was no exchange, and the badges slowly changed to the new uniform style. In my area, the new uniforms took 6 to 8 months to showup. Back then, my council only had a small trading post and didn't get new stuff very fast. YIS Scott
  9. I was just informed that our district will be split into two districts and was wondering if anyone has advice on a smooth transistion into the new district structure. The change will take effect May 1st. Thanks for your attention. Scott
  10. When I recieved the District Award of Merit, I did't know until the dinner and it was announced,that I had recieved it, however, the council formally notified me when I recieved Silver Beaver to allow me to invite family and friends and to provide a photograph, updated bio, etc. Scott
  11. It goes on the right shelve, postion 3, leaving space for the patrol medalion below the American Flag. I wear a American Legion Boy Scout patch in that position. Scott
  12. They are available at your local Scout Shop. Just ask for them.
  13. 1. The purple square knot may be worn by the Scout as soon as he earns the award. This will remain on his uniform through audlthood. (I wear the knot on my uniform from my youth.) He may attach a device (a small pin) for the age level he earned to the award. I wear a Cub Scout and Explorer device on mine. 2. A Scout may earn all the award at each age level if he wishes. Each one explores a different area of faith. 3.See # 1 Scott
  14. I am in Scouting because it was a great influence on me when I was a boy and I am striving to provide that opportunity to as many youth that I can. Training is vital to providing a quality program to youth by quality trained leaders. I have done training since I have been an adult in the program and feel that it is necessary to this aim. Scott
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