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Go-See-It - Need help!

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  • Go-See-It - Need help!

    I'm a new den-leader and need help with a particular go-see-it for my tiger den. There is a go-see-it that has to do with forms of communication and recommends visiting a radio or TV station. Scheduling a visit like this is proving difficult. Is there any creative way I can fulfill this requirement that wouldn't involve a big field trip? Thanks so much!

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    So you want to "go-see-it" without "going"? That's a tough one.


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      The Go-See-It is one of the best parts of Tigers, with the absolute best part being the camping!

      To meet 4G - Go See It Activity
      Visit a television station, radio station, or newspaper office. Find out how people there communicate with others. You must have the field trip. Now if memory serves it can be done as with the family, but it is a great trip for the TCs.

      Some ideas to help.

      1) Look at the local newspaper office, they may be more accommodating.
      2) If you got a local college or university in the area, see if you can visit their newspaper office or radio office.

      Good luck. Hopefully my den will be doign this the second week in Jan.


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        I have often mentioned that I really love the cub scouts. If I had the opportunity I much prefer working with the little guys but it looks like I'm going to have to wait for grandchildren...oh well.
        Back when I WAS still working with the cubs, I took them to the local police station for one of these types of outings. Part of the visit was to the dispatcher who basically operates a radio station. Moreover, the cubs got to hear the calls that were coming and going and the officer doing the tour could explain some of them.
        Later, on another outing we visited a full-time fire/EMS station. Same thing, listening to the radio (fortunately, no fires while we were there). Most of the calls were EMS and the tour guide explained those as well. They boys had a great time both places and I took the den back a couple of years later for a repeat...more fun.

        I wish you lots of fun with the guys. I really miss them.


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          My sons's den is having trouble with the same requirement. The TV stations are getting a bit difficult to go-see. One I contacted only does studio tours between 10 and 11 am on Tuesdays, and specify a minimum age of 9 for participants.

          A radio station or newspaper may not be as glamorous, but it may have to do.

          We're also considering a visit to a local hands-on museum that has a mock-up of a TV newsroom complete with anchor desk, working cameras and green-screen capability. Some of the parents are discussing whether this woudl satisfy the requirement.



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            The goal of the requirement is for the Tigers to see how to communicate with a large group of people. This can be done any number of ways.

            Some of the things I have done -

            Copy center. Kinkos is very nice, but there are others. A small local print shop might be willing to help.

            College radio, or paper. Anything from a Big 10 U to a small community college will have something. You can even ask at your local high school.

            Webmaster. School, church, Pack, Troop, library, town, chamber of commerce, even a personal site. Find a Webmaster you know to show you around their site.

            A museum with a communication area.

            Internet at your library. This time of year is perfect. There are ways to email greetings to the Troops. Check out the Armed Forces News Service -

            911 Center. Find out how reverse 911 works to send out phone messages to everyone in your town/area.


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              we ran into an issue with that requirement when my son was a tiger, mainly due to the rules of these places and the ages of visitors. However, one of our local news channels has a set up at the local science center for their weather department. they got to see how a green screen worked, and see the weather part of the news done. It was the only way we were able to complete the requirement. The boys then spent a lot of time with their adult partner looking at all the other parts of the science center.

              when my scouts were webelos they went back there again as part of their scientist pin, and were amazed at how much they still enjoyed all the things there - was also interesting to see what they liked more this trip compared to last.


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                How about the local 911 call center? Or a visit with a local ham operator? Nothing in the requirement says it has to be a commercial radio station.

                Most newspaper offices now are just offices. Not much to see unless you have the chance to go to a larger metro paper. The old days when every newspaper had it's own press room are going by the way. How about a commercial printing company?(This message has been edited by Twocubdad)


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                  This only helps in Metro Atlanta: Take the CNN tour.

                  You can also check out your local public access channel.


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                    I would recommend going to roundtable to meet other scouters.

                    It is amazing what kind of contacts you can develop and who you find involved in scouting.

                    I was having the same issue and mentioned it to my co-worker (who happens to work for the district) and she knows an ASM for a local troop who works for a TV station. Voila, instant contact who is happy to help.


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                      I had the same problem as Tiger Leader. I ended up going to one of the local schools that had their own closed circuit TV station (i.e. that transmitted through the school by way of cable). The kids ended up making their own news broadcast.


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                        We actually had the same problem last year. We ended up doing a tour with the local 911 dispatch station. The boys loved it.


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                          My son's den leader that year took us to a friend's garage studio, where he makes commercials and other video work.

                          This year, the Tigers went to see a local sports newspaper.


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                            I've had two sons in Tigers. We did a radio station with the first. It was pretty empty - pretty much just the manager and the DJ, but he really had to talk on the radio live while he was also talking to us, and lots of cool equipment. He let us talk into the microphone, although not on the air. With the second son's den we did a local newspaper that publishes once a week. We just had the one reporter there but she did a great job showing us around the whole place, doing some sample printouts, etc. Both were great.


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                              Don't forget, newsletters can count too. Find someone that writes a newsletter for a local church or organization. Visit with them to see how they create the newsletter and what information they are trying to communicate.

                              You can follow the outing with a den activity where the scouts each make a single page newsletter.