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  1. We just did Baltimore National Cemetery this evening. I'm always amazed that in less then 40 minutes the Scouts can place over 45,000 flags. It truely is something to behold.
  2. By reading this: "Boy Scouting, one of the traditional membership divisions of the BSA, is available to boys who have earned the Arrow of Light Award and are at least 10 years old or have completed the fifth grade and are at least 10, or who are 11, but not yet 18 years old." : a boy that is held back to repeat a grade, could become a Boy Scout in 5th grade. Correct? We will be dealing with this scenario with another boy in the not so distant future.
  3. Thanks everybody. He has an August birthday, so he will be 9 when he finishes with 5th grade and at the time we usually crossover (either late February or early May depending on when the den is ready).
  4. I spun this message off as to not hijack the last one. We have a boy who just finished his bear rank and next year will be starting Webelo I. He started with scouts as a 6 year old wolf (he skipped the 1st grade and went right into second). When he finishes 5th grade he will only be 9, will he still be allowed to cross over into Boy Scouts with the rest of his den? Or will he have to "sit out" untill he reaches the 10 year old age limit? Now I don't know if his intentions are to continue after cubs or not, I can only assume that he will, but as a new ACM and friend of his family I
  5. We actually had the same problem last year. We ended up doing a tour with the local 911 dispatch station. The boys loved it.
  6. Hi, new guy here. I'm a Wolf leader and ACM. I've been lurkiing for awile, but figured I'd let you know what we do. If a Cub let's the Flag touch the ground he has to kiss it. That way he's "saying" I'm sorry to the Flag and regains its respect. All the boy's seem to like this and even make sure that it's done. Let's face it, it's going to happen after all most flags are bigger then the boys. Dust
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