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  1. *** "[i volunteered for the Troop committee. I put myself in charge of new family/Webelos orientation] " That's probably the best way to handle it. *** it's that "part of the problem, or part of the solution" mindset. When I signed my son's application, that's also me signing up to make things better. (and there are things that need made better) I really like some of the ideas I'm seeing here about how to organize the boys. The feeder Pack has 10 Webelos and another 10 Bears fixin to make their way towards the Troop. We need to get our ducks lined up way before
  2. As a WDL & a Webelos parent, I will tell you we had some concerns in my den about where they would be in a patrol. These concerns would have been reduced if the Troop had had a plan for the boys that they had communicated to us. "We're going to have a NSP." "No, we're going spread them out over three patrols." "No, two patrols." "We're going to have a NSP." (It's not always the Webelos parents' fault) [i volunteered for the Troop committee. I put myself in charge of new family/Webelos orientation]
  3. One of the boys who just crossed over from my Webelos den to the Troop wrote me a thank-you card for being his WEBLOS leader. I think he spelled it just fine.
  4. You'll also need someone who has completed Hazardous Weather training (available online). Our Pack sometimes uses the council camps for off season campouts. Oura is no charge, either. There are also platform tents available, so families without equipment can still go camping. Once you have the trained people, give them a couple interested parents and have them plan a campout. you know that old adage--many hands make light work!
  5. Someone in your Pack needs BALOO training. this stands for Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation, is about 8 hours long, and covers the basics. It's offered in my council about once a year, and I bet it's the same elsewhere.
  6. "We are very ethnically diverse, with our ancestries hailing from Greece, Puerto Rico, Africa, Slovakia, Ireland, Norway, Italy, and of course, Poland. Most boys are first generation americans with their parents' as legal immigrants." I would ask the Polish moms to stop being disruptive while we're doing stuff. It's not talking-time, it's gluing time. or sculpting time. or whatever-time. Step in the hallway if you need to chat. BUT!! We would also do the Languages & Cultures beltloop & pin, and learn a little Polish and Greek and Norwegian and Italian and Slovakian. In t
  7. In the Pack where I serve, every den leader has a son in that den. I will be the first in (at least) 5 years to break that tradition, as I will be Tiger Den Leader next year without a Tiger in tow. My son had 3 den leaders in his Cub Scouting career. One dad did Tiger, another dad was Wolf/Bear, & I was Webelos.
  8. Honestly, your den and Pack sound just awful, and leadership sounds unwilling to realise that. I think you should go elsewhere. With your son being months away from being old enough to officially join the Troop, I would support your changing Packs. Ask the Scoutmaster for a Pack he knows, and one that's likely to be crossing over to that Troop. Your son will have six or ten months of getting to know THOSE boys, with an eye to joining the Troop. And find out if your council has a special needs district or department or chairman. As your son progresses in Scouts, you should get to k
  9. I think the "Lone Scout" idea is a good one. I would also find out if council has a special needs professional available for advice. There might be a Pack that would welcome this boy, that would really help meet his social needs in a group that understands & accepts.
  10. Remind him that it's the parents that really make the decision regarding which Troop their sons join. Well, why are the six Webelos joining the one Troop & not the other? It might help the young man feel better if he knows why the decision went down like it did.
  11. Greaves


    beep beep beep beep his horn went beep beep beep (beep beep by the playmates)
  12. Roundtable is absolutely part of training--that's why attending 4 roundtables is an option on the Leader Awards under training. Weird that the RT dude doesn't realise that. I would expect Roundtable to include a mention of new forms, or old forms being changed. I attended our district's February one, and we were told there's a new health form coming. Nothing was said about the new tour plan. If you are at Roundtable, you are available to the volunteers before & after the scheduled program.
  13. Welcome to Charlotte. My son's still a cub, so I don't know the Troops well. http://mccscouting.org/ is our concil website, and has links to the 3 geographic districts. That can put you in touch with adult leaders/trainers for the area & sort of ease you back into the loop.
  14. our Pack gives arrows to the boys who have earned the AoL, and certificates of graduation to the boys who are crossing over the troop without it.
  15. regarding Webelos, there is only one REQUIRED belt loop. Citizenship Belt Loop is required for the Citizen Activity Badge, and Citizen is required for the Webelos Badge. Sportsman requires 4 different belt loops, (2 team, 2 individual) but there's no way to use that data to find units who need supporting. and the other belt loops in the Webelos program provide just another option towards the different activity badges.
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