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  1. Thank you! We have heard of using goof-off or goo-gone, but are afraid it will damage or stain the shirt.
  2. Hi, I've used "badge magic" adhesive to attach my patches to my den leader's shirt but now need to change those patches to different rank. Does anyone know the best way to remove badge magic without staining the shirt or ruining the patches? Thanks so much!
  3. Thank you all for the support. Leading the tigers my first year was sort of like the school of hard knocks, but still a lot of fun. I told myself, "I have to come back another year so I can take advantage of what I learned my first year!" My biggest challenge will be finding a good assistant leader. I'm guessing that's a requirement because of the "two-deep" leadership standard with the kids"
  4. I was a tiger cub den leader last year and will be leading the same boys into the wolf program this fall. What are the major differences I can expect this year with this program and are there any good online resources I can check ou Thanks so much!
  5. Thank you all so much. I'll get the forms I need from the cubmaster as soon as I can.
  6. I have a cub scout who would like to transfer from his current pack to my pack and join my Tiger den. What is the proper procedure for this and who should I be asking in my own pack? Thanks!
  7. I'm a new den-leader and need help with a particular go-see-it for my tiger den. There is a go-see-it that has to do with forms of communication and recommends visiting a radio or TV station. Scheduling a visit like this is proving difficult. Is there any creative way I can fulfill this requirement that wouldn't involve a big field trip? Thanks so much!
  8. Hello, I'm a first time den leader leading a Tiger Cub den of 8 boys, one of which is my oldest son. Been at it for a couple months now and starting to get the hang of this (mostly). Just had all 8 boys acheive Bobcat, so proud of them. Thanks! -George
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