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Methodists Ask for Delay

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    Methodists (and many of the other religions listed in this thread) also believe that sex outside of marriage is sinful - yet I don't see a clamoring to ban those Scouts and Scouters who have participated in sex outside of marriage. Why?


    • Peregrinator
      Peregrinator commented
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      Would you agree that one might regard two behaviors as sinful, but that one is more so than the other?

    • TomTrailblazer
      TomTrailblazer commented
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      Some people believe that homosexual behavior is more sinful than other forms of sex outside of marriage. I believe that all sex outside of heterosexual marriage is equally sinful, but that none of us are perfect. I would not reject a potential Scouter simply because he is gay. I would, however, prefer a straight man as Scoutmaster unless a gay Scouter was siginficantly better qualified.

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    There is no difference between sponsoring a BSA unit and a GSUSA unit.


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      In whose eyes? In the eyes of the BSA and GSUSA there is a huge difference.


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        I for one am getting tired of different religious orgs threatening the BSA with "we will quit BSA if you do this or that". Maybe we need a little rebuilding anyway. Let them quit.