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    In addition to that, rationing out positions gives the SPL the political power to reward friends and punish political opponents, and to gain compliance with his leadership and motivate Scouts to take positions seriously and to work at them.

    That is at least as important as high minded reasons and is Practical Politics 101.


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      SPL is 100% correct and "by the book". Mom wants to pull her misbehaving sons if she/they don't get her/their way?

      My response would be: "Where shall we send their records?"

      Never, EVER, fall victim to what I call "parent bullying". It affects the morale of the whole troop.


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        ... rationing out positions gives the SPL the political power to reward friends and punish political opponents, and to gain compliance with his leadership ...

        Thanks for the cynicism, SP.

        SPL's who "reward" friends usually find sooner rather than later that work isn't getting done. A troop isn't as "slushy" as big government.


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          well considering this SPL is 17 and will be 18 in September and we do 6 month elections this will be his last position and of the boys his age still registered with the troop - 2 are aged out and just helping now and then, 3 are eagles that are hit and miss and do not need a position, 1 is also a life scout who has JASM position that was appointed by me, and the other 1 is the patol leader for this older boy patrol and almost a life scout. So all the boys asking for positions are 9th graders or younger - he's friendly with almost all of them, but doesn't consider any of them friends outside of scouts. So there was no giving to his friends.


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            well the parent contacted our advancement cordinator for the boys records so guess they are moving to another troop. I really wish they would've stayed. I think they could've learned more from not having a position and working toward earning one this summer than they ever will by switching troops and being handed a position that they probably won't do much for it. Oh well, guess they want to be handed an eagle rather than earn an eagle.


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              So I guess they think they're going to show up at a new troop and get a position? They won't be happy there either.

              So much for a Scout being Loyal. If the next SM had any sense he'd tell them to go and work out the problem with their old troop.

              So if they quit and change troops over this and in a year want to come back do you let them?

              When I do a SM conference for 1st Class I always discuss the requirement for holding a position (POR) for the upcoming ranks. I tell them that a POR is not a right that you are entitled to, it is a gift given to you by your troop. You need to earn the POR by being a good scout and following the Oath and Law. If you want to be a bully, be mean, not be a part of your patrol, be the guy who always disappears when the the work needs to be done, then your fellow scouts are not going to ask you to hold a position.(This message has been edited by Eagle732)


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                Problem is, I bet, this is a lesson the boy wouldn't mind learning. Mom is getting in the way.

                On the flip side, we've had boys transfer to our troop b/c we didn't whitewash Eagles on boys' shirts.

                Your best hope is that she'll blab about you all over the district and you'll have a new boy or two for it all in a couple of months.


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                  I agree with others above....
                  I don't need the attitude in our Pack.
                  I've been trying to get a Den Chief position filled for a while now. Finally had an older brother of one of our Wolf cubs step up from a neighboring troop.
                  Our DL is on the way out (moving) so we haven't brought him into the fold yet, but the last meeting was the first I've seen him show up at.... he was not in uniform, wearing a leather jacket and shades, indoors and at night.....
                  I think I'll start a new thread on this.....


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                    they picked a troop that just became formed this fall. In fact we donated our old stoves to them to help the troop out since they were starting from scratch.

                    the Grandma is a unit commish for that unit too so I have a feeling they were told they would have a position.

                    No I do not see a reason to let them back into the troop if they were to return. I have a feeling they are eagle and done. And 1 is already life and the other is close to life rank so doubt they will return.

                    my biggest worry right now is actually grandma - she is still our unit commish. And oh joy tonight is roundtable with re-charter turn in.


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                      Some insanity prevention moves:
                      - Put what you think someone was told by someone else out of your mind. You know what you said. If you cross paths with the SM you can have a sit-down and probably know what he said. (Kinda like talking to us, only you don't have to type and a real coffee might be involved!) Be nice to know what the boy things and to find out how he's adapting and maybe thriving in a new environment.

                      - Expect UC's to be top notch. If grandma has something useful to say, give her a listen. In fact, you may be at an advantage now that she's not related to anybody in your troop.

                      - At least you're turning in your charter! Try to do that before processing the transfer(s). If they've been pushed through before you could make changes, ask the UC or DE to help you sort it out. Remember, you're going back to a great group of boys!


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                        Being the holiday season a quote from George Bailey is in order:

                        "Here's your hat, what's your hurry?"