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Can Scout work on different rank requirements at same time ?

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  • Can Scout work on different rank requirements at same time ?

    Can a Scout work on his requirements of Tenderfoot, 2nd class, 1st class, at the same time?

    or does the scout have to finish Tenderfoot before working on 2nd class, and then complete 2nd class before he can have all requirements of 2nd class before he can work on 1st class ?

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    "Can a Scout work on his requirements of Tenderfoot, 2nd class, 1st class, at the same time?" YES

    These three are awarded in the proper sequence though. Many scouts work on these three together because of the skill sets like knot tying, compass and etc. As they practice and accomplish the skill set they move on to continuing increasing their confidence while taking the skill to the next level (next rank) thus keeping them practicing the skill learnt.


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      At the same time. But he must complete the ranks in order. And recently National has stated that there should be separate Boards of Review for each rank, even if the Scout has otherwise completed two (or even three) ranks at the same time.


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        Also, a scout can work on merit badges while working first class requirements.
        This means, for example, if the boys in the troop all want to become proficient in first aid, there's nothing stopping all of them from Scout to Life from getting trained together and earning the merit badge. Needless to say, they will be able to knock off several Trail to First Class reqs.

        I would still encourage your PLs to not take "I have First Aid" as sufficient reason to sign off on T2FC requirements. They should have seen the boy perform the requirement autonomously. Otherwise, they ask him to demonstrate it again.


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          Ahhhh, But the question is mastery or one and done?????


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            A scout can work on all three simultaneously, and can even have a BOR for all three at the same time. A scout can't get First Class, though, until Tenderfoot and Second Class are earned.


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              I stand corrected about the single BOR for ranks.


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                If memory serves correctly, you can't.....or shouldn't allow.....double dipping. Rank requirements and merit badge requirements are to be done seperately, even if it is the same subject like first aid.


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                  That must be a recent change as I was told we could do all three at one time.

                  When the time requirements were first removed and we encountered this problem for the first time, we did all 3 BORs the same nite, with another scout's BORs inbetween.


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                    Yah, yeh have to have da boards of review in sequence, but they can be the same night and without a break in between eh? Don't sweat da small stuff. If a lad had everything done except a pullup or somesuch, have a mega-BOR where yeh give him all three. Or if you're really officious, take 3-minute coffee breaks along da way to certify Tenderfoot and 2C.

                    Rank requirements and MB requirements are separate, because they have different folks signin' off to different standards. For rank, it's da SM or his designee. For MBs, it's the MB counselor. Only if someone has dual authority (like an ASM who is also da lad's MBC) can certify both, but he/she should certify each requirement to da standards expected for that requirement. Practice and repetition are good things.

                    Back to WestCoastScouter, though... Yep, a lad can work on requirements from all ranks at the same time, unless otherwise stated (in da upper ranks you'll find statements like "While a First Class Scout, do ...." so those have to wait until the boy has earned First Class or whatnot). Most boys typically have about half da requirements for the next rank done at the time they complete the first rank.



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                      For me, it's a balance between micro-managing and rule-enforcing. If a PL and scout(s) are taking the MB together and he sees the boy(s) demonstrate proficiency for their counselor, then he's seen the boy(s) demonstrate proficiency. I don't want to add a rule that confounds that notion.

                      On the flip side, if the counselor signs off on slip-shod work, I don't want the PL to feel obliged to honor someone's blue card. The PL can rightly say, "I never saw you do it, that's what that signature means, so please demonstrate now so I can give you a trustworthy recognition."


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                        Yes. And BOR can be sequential on the same day. My oldest son did so and it does save on sewing!


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                          Disclaimer: my son had his T/2/1 Boards all at one time eight years ago.

                          I haven't seen the actual ruling from National stating that there needed to be separate Boards. Where can one find that. I guess that is more recent.

                          If so are we as leaders trying to circumnavigate the spirit of the rule by having three "consecutive" boards in night? Is this the right message to be sending to the scouts by technically being right but side-stepping the spirit?


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                            We have had boys have multiples on the same night but we switch adults.


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                              "Multiple Rank Advancements and Boards of Review

                              Younger Scouts returning from a weeklong adventure at summer camp have sometimes completed requirements for more than one rank. Can these advancements be considered at a single board of review? Since each rank has a separate set of requirements, and each requires a board of review, there must be a separate one for each rank. They may be held one after the other or at different meetings as determined by the unit; however, the national Advancement Team recommends spacing them out somewhat and using different members for each board.
                              Similarly, there must be a separate unit leader (Scoutmaster) conference for each rank. Each conference can cover different subjects or suggest the Scout reflect on questions asked at the previous one. Questions can even be posed for the Scout to think over and answer at the next conference.
                              Each rank is treated individually because each stands alone in its importance. Spacing out the boards of review helps Scouts consider each rank as a progression to the next, rather than blurring them together. While the boards should be conducted soon after completing all the requirements, they should not be held so quickly that the Scout is not properly recognized for each accomplishment."

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