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From the Eagle Class of 1964, Congratulations to Matt and also to you Ed! As a SM for over 20 years, I realize how much work the SM puts in to each Eagle! And I'm also sure you are working on the next one!

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Congrats Matt and Ed! Way to go!


I am most glad to hear that Matt will continue as ASM.


Allow me to pass along some advise that was given to me when I made the transistion from boy leader to adult:


To be a successful Scouter, you must enjoy the out of doors, working with young men to help them to become well rounded adults and drink coffee.


I asked this sage Scouter what that last thing had to do with the others. He replied that every Scout funcution he has attended served coffee and he further suggested I bring my own cup.


Scott Hemgren

Eagle Scout, Class of 1980(This message has been edited by shemgren)(This message has been edited by shemgren)

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I always assumed that "eagle90" meant you recieved the rank of Eagle in 1990. Now, you finally reveal the truth. It turns out you're a 90 year-old Eagle scout! ;)


Just kidding...what does the 90 stand for? Any thing?

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