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Congrats to the Saints on winning.

Have to admit to not watching the entire game.

But have been looking at the ads.

Which ad or ads worked for you.

I enjoyed the Budweiser Clydesdale and the Long-Horn.

A little cheesy? Maybe, but still good fun.


(I love the Who, but this wasn't them at their best. Still nice to have some London boys doing their thing.)

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I thought it was ironic that at the premier (American) football event, the headliner is a British band, who (no pun intended) probably has as much interest in the game of (American) football as athe average American would in either Rugby or Cricket championships.


I am a Who fan, but I agree, they were not at their best.


I wasn't really impressed with any of the adds, but I did like the VW add with Stevie Wonder. Very funny.

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With regards to the ads:


The Budweiser Bridge ad, complete with the theme from "The A-Team", was pretty good, but the one ad that really surprised me was the "Late Show" Super Bowl party with Dave, Oprah, and Jay(?!?!)


With regards to the Who:


Since 2004's Super Bowl XXXVIII and its infamous "Wardrobe Malfunction", the NFL and their broadcast partners have been very careful in recent years to select half-time shows that don't border on risque (Though Super Bowl XLI could have been iffy, as Prince performed), and have insisted on stringent censoring (needed in Super Bowl XL in order to contain Mick Jagger's language). NO ONE is going to rip Pete Townsend's clothes off. That's all the NFL needed.

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Yeah, Leno popping in was a surprise. The other ad I liked was the casual Friday ad with all the people their underware.


Overall, I thought the ads were awful. Seems like most of them were the versions of last year's ads that didn't make the cut; i.e. Danica Patrick's whocares.com ad. Didn't they run that last year? Sorry Ea, but they do Bud clydesdale-and-friend ads every year. Even the Bret Farve ad was a not-as-funny knock off of the Sears ads he's been doing for the past few months.


Some of them made no sense at all. Why is Dockers promoting not wearing pants? The Green Police ad was pretty good, but isn't that counter to selling "green" cars? Apparently Doritos target market is male high school sophomores.....


Love The Who, but that was pretty rough. They were much better when the performed stoned.


Good game though. I watched most of it even though I don't particularly care for either the 'Aints or the Colts. The on-sides kick to open the second half was genius. It takes a BIG BRASS SET to call that.


(This message has been edited by Twocubdad)

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My kid brother had a hunting dog that had a command collar he attached to train the dog. When he pushed the button nothing happened. He took it off the dog and put his thumb on the probes and pushed the button. His arm was numb clear up to the shoulder. He put it back on the dog and nothing happened again. Needless to say, my favorite was the Dorito commercial!



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They did the casual Friday thing with everyone except one guy in underwear and then the very next comcerical was the Dockers one. We went from people in an office building not wearing pants to a group of guys in a field not wearing pants, I thought it was an extension of the same commercial.


Of course the the most Forum related one was the Monster.Com one featuring the Beavers, I am sure ol' Beavah was chortili'n away when that one came on the screen, and I thought of him and all you beavers immediately. Such cute little guys, hard to imagine they can be so wrong at times...


The final results of the game should not have been a surpise to anyone, it was Scout Sunday and the team with the Fleur des Lis won, it was predestined, it could not have been anyway else.


And as an avid Bears fan, I thought the Boost thing was just so bad, how many people recognized those guys? Perhaps in the Chicagoland area they would get it, but that was a long time ago


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Yes, the "milk-a-holic" was very cute, as was the Green Police. I missed the Doritos-dog commercial, as I was in the shop, but my son told me about it and loved it.


Being in the Florida panhandle, the Saints are the closest NFL team to us, so there are plenty of Saints fans here. Interestingly, the next closest teams are:


2) Atlanta

3) Jacksonville FL*

4) Nashville

5) Tampa FL*

6) Houston

7) Miami FL*

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Hey the Who are like what, 100 years old. They did manage to hit some high notes that surprised me. Im really glad they didnt have any wardrobe malfunctions. Ewuuu


I like the Betty White add the best, but I agree this wasnt one of the better years for commercials. Game was OK, but we didnt have a dog in the fight, so we just ate a lot of good food. I had to ride my wifes stationary bike after because I felt guilty.




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I am not a fan of geezer rock. There should be an upper age limit on live performances for rock stars, I'm thinking age 60? Half the appeal of rock stars is that they're young and have a lot of hair - and not in their ears, either. The commercial with the guys from KISS grossed me out almost as much as the thought of a wardrobe malfunction involving Pete Townsend does. Just ick.


Commercials, now I liked the doritos one with the bark collar, and the budweiser clydesdales (sappy, but its just part of super bowl to me). The green police made me laugh, esp at the end when they pulled over the other cops. But I couldn't tell you what it was for??


Had to explain the Stevie Wonder thing to my son, but my husband and I thought it was funny.


The bud light and go daddy ones were just dumb. And not even funny-dumb.



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