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Webelos Uniform

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16 hours ago, mrjohns2 said:

Get the right hat and neckerchief. Get the official slide. If lost, get a replacement that matches your current program. For the belt, just get the wolf buckle. Never get the tiger socks. 

" If lost...."   MAKE YOUR OWN !      Carve,  mold, weave, glue,  scratch head and design and MAKE YOUR WOGGLE !  

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5 hours ago, SSScout said:


Sure! As a Scout, for about a year, I did a different slide each week. 

My point was to not buy a lion, tiger, wolf, bear, Webelos slides as the BSA seems to encourage. At $6 each, I don’t know if $30 on slides over 6 years is money well spent. 

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