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On 3/11/2020 at 5:34 PM, ParkMan said:

Someone needs to show me some documentation that says a linked troop cannot operate in this manner.  I sure have not seen any yet.

From everything I've seen this troop is acting within the rules.  Who says that two troops cannot work together and share a common SPL?  This is especially true of liked troops where there are very likely to be a number of joint activities.

Linked troops are a new invention of the BSA in light of situations just like this.  I find it remarkably telling that the BSA struck all such language restricting how linked troops operate from their latest FAQ.  Given that they removed the content limiting linked troop operations, it sends a clear message that linked troops are increasingly free to operate as they best see fit for their particular scenario.  If they wanted to continue to restrict how this works, the language would still be there.  The language is not - which shows the BSA is not stopping cases like this.

There are very very few organizations that actually go through the effort to officially say "NO" to everything they haven't said "YES" to.  Using that as your yardstick in life would be a great way to get in trouble.  Your argument here is essentially identical to saying:

Why can't New York and New Jersey have the same Governor if they want to?  States are "linked bodies" and they work together on joint projects and when there is a governor's meeting, they always pick one person to be the "chairperson", so clearly a joint Governor shouldn't be a problem.


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I am Scoutmaster of a 37-girl non-linked Troop.  We operate in the standard matter as a Troop, with four patrols and all the normal elected and appointed youth leaders.  Our SPL and her ASPL are tops

Virtually nothing has changed since last year- the troops are separate units.  There is a troop 123B and a troop 123G.  Linked troops are an option that streamlines the administration for a Chartering

A lot of heated discussion on this.  Keeping it short...the troops should operate independently.  Give each an identity and let it run.    I'm sure each troop had a separate recharter packet, so they

14 hours ago, ParkMan said:

I'm sure you're right.  

Guess I'm just getting tired of all the drama in Scouting these days.  More and more I just think of calling it a day.

Yep, I understand why you're saying that. There are a lot of long discussions about detail that probably doesn't make that much difference to the end goal. In the OP I was more interested in how the patrol leaders were being developed, they're the most important leaders in the troop. If the SPL is helping develop the PL's then this troop(s) are better than most. If not, they're missing the same point that most others are missing. I'd rather see descriptions of different ways of doing things that all work.

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4 hours ago, elitts said:

There are very very few organizations that actually go through the effort to officially say "NO" to everything they haven't said "YES" to. 


You apparently never attended a Catholic school.   

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On 3/13/2020 at 5:05 PM, David CO said:

You apparently never attended a Catholic school.   

😆  5 years actually.  That's one of the reasons I said "Very very few" and not "None".  Even though by the time I was at the school there was only one nun left teaching, it was clear that the nuns of the past were really really good at lists of "Don'ts".

Positive Punishment was definitely a more accepted methodology than Positive Reinforcement.

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