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videos of scouts cooking

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Duct Tape, that video rocks!    I agree, brought back a lot of memories.

What struck me:  all of the scouts were fully engaged.  Whatever they were doing, they were doing it together.    No one standing around, waiting to be told what to do. 

I also liked the fact that their patrol cooking was not "perfect."  They were figuring things out as they went.  I got a kick out of their "field expediency."  Aluminum mess kit too hot?  Run a stick through the holes in the handle.  Forgot/lost your mess kit handle?  Pair of pliers will do.   I especially got a laugh at 6:34, the scout cooking vittles, over a fire, in a smoking cast iron skillet that was about as big as he was.  But there he was, cooking confidently.

Also got a kick out of the dirt and smoke and ash.  The scouts were perfectly comfortable in the outdoors.  They seemed happy.  They were running their own show and solving their own problems and enjoying their own food.

The patrol method!


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Can't resist a post script!

The video reminded me of patrol camping from yesteryear.

(Upon arrival at campsite) SPL:  "Okay, Antelope patrol, you are camping over there."

The rest of the weekend, the Antelope camped there.  Collected wood, chopped it, made fires, cooked food, washed dishes, went on impromptu hikes, fished etc.  SPL and SM strolled around now and again, low key, just to ensure everyone was okay.  Other than that, the Antelope patrol did their own thing.

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Takes me back. Haircuts look 70s/80s. After a weekend of cooking fires, all my gear smelled like smoke. My mom made me take off my clothes in the garage. 

Women leaders and gas stoves were two changes that stood out to me when I came back in 1990. Cooking over a fire was a fun treat for my older sons Patrol. 


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We never had patrol boxes. We divied up the gear before the campout and everyone took their share. Other than that and fires the movie looks similar to my troop now. I tried ditching the patrol boxes to no avail. The portable wood stoves would be better than a fire pit or a gas stove.

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On 12/22/2018 at 2:53 PM, Eagledad said:

Women leaders and gas stoves were two changes that stood out to me when I came back in 1990.

How many of you guys (your boy scout troops that is) normally cook over a fire rather than over a camping stove these days?

As I have been getting acquainted with BSA in my area, I was surprised by how much of the cooking was on a camp stove rather than over a fire.

And if you don't normally cook over a camp fire is it because (a) you don't have a good place to build a campfire or (b) building a fire and cooking over it takes too much time and the boys want to do other things or (c) problems with availability of firewood or (d) some other reason?



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3 minutes ago, Treflienne said:

Do you mean this sort?   https://scoutmastercg.com/ecozoom-stove-review/

Have any of you used them as patrol stoves?   

Oh, sure! I just said they'd be better because I have a fire pit in my backyard that's very efficient. Very little smoke. Little ash. Easy to start. Something similar would be good. I'm not sure what a good size would be but that one looks great.

The gas stoves are a pain when they get cold or there's dirt in the hoses. Getting the scouts to cut wood for a fire would be much better all the way around.

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