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Condom Distribution at World Jamboree

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17 years of working in government here quickly killed off any thoughts of conspiracy in the corridors of power. I suspect the same is true of many other large organisations

That is very generous of you, but I don't think your $0.02 will cover it.  

There's a difference in a Scout and his/her parents making an informed decision about an event and its rules vs. the BSA endorsing a set of rules in contravention of its own policies. The G2SS

After reading pages and pages of responses:  I am surprised about some of the responses about them being available at Jambo.  IMHO, their presence isn't the incentive for the participants.   They are legal, safe, and effective.  Preventing them from having them could introduce some seriously negative after effects.   We all try to raise our kids with our values, but we can't guarantee they will always follow them.   If that was the case, we wouldn't need police.

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