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Cubmaster Retiring

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10 hours ago, Eagle1993 said:

Our Pack financial status is in good shape so our new Cubmaster suggested using some of those funds for a gift card.


I think most Cubmasters would be pretty bummed to know their gift card took $600 out of the pack fund. 

Our pack gave a gift card to our popcorn kernel (a modest amount, NOT $600), but that didn't seem inapporpriate to me because the guy did an insanely good job this year, doubled our sales from the previous year. 

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2 hours ago, Eagle1993 said:

Great ideas, thanks.  I agree, the $600 amount caused me to push back.   We are planning on thanking him during our Blue and Gold and I’m trying to get several Boy Scouts who were Cubs under him to attend as well.  I love the flag idea and several others.  I’ll continue to push back on the gift card, and it will definitely not come out of the Pack budget.

A local SM retired after 25+ years at the helm. Get got a great picture of Rockwell's "The Scoutmaster" that was framed. Around the border, all the Scouts and parents got to sign special messages to him. Thing was huge (36"x30") and very well done. Nice hardwood rustic frame. Brought the guy to tears. Nice shadow box of patches Scouts donated of various memories over the years was also presented. Total cost was $200 and was paid by parents and Scouts (past and present). 


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No plaques for me please. On the other hand if, in my name, you create a $600 campership for scouts or scholarship for scouters' training or even a gas buy-down for parents who transport scouts, I would be truly honored.

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