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And so the fuzzy logic creeps into the conversation.  How much adjunct material is allowed before it becomes heresy?  I've been accused of such on the forum and it would be interesting to know at what point the scales tip as too much.  . :)

I will take this since I'm one who tends to be more out spoken of unBSA program guidance on this forum. When posters start declaring standards BSA policies, procedures and guidelines as wrong or even hostel to the program, the scales have been tipped. When "one" suggest that SPLs are only good for scoutmasters who want to secretly manipulate the Patrol Leaders, I would say that is pretty much heresy material. When as poster suggest that the adult leader styles of mentoring, guiding and teaching taught in the BSA training only corrupts the scouting growth process, well that certainly isn't the BSA.


I can't think of a single teacher/instrucotr from my early elementary years through college and then professional training courses where they didn't enhance the material with their own interpretation and experiences. So why is this a question here. Is it fair to ask a SM with 10 years experience not to color the material with some experiences? 


There is quite a difference proposing a scouting program that is counter to the BSA program as apposed to adding styles of context to the published BSA program. A simple test is to hypothetically hand all the materials to the Scouts and allow them to run the program with only the guidance of clarity, not direction. That is the true test of how much adults can influence their program. It would be one thing for a single patrol of scouts to decide not to use the SPL because it confuses the single patrol leadership structure. It is entirely different when the adult says SPLs are just spies for SM in adult run troops. 


I guess the real test of adding content to training is if the content helps the participants turn their program toward the BSA program, or away from the BSA program. That may be hard to judge in many cases, but it is quite obvious in others.


I also believe that if a SM thinks they are being profound with the direction of their program, they likely have steered their program off the BSA reservation. 


We get into discussions of the best performing styles and policies on this forum. But that isn't really countering the BSA program. And the discussion can get challenging when some adults run their program purely by their personal theories. But when the adults are condescending to the leaders who are using the BSA program, then they have certainly tip the scale.



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