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OK, I just heard that our governor is instituting a new code of conduct in which no state employee is allowed to access or use any social media using state systems or on the job...subject to termination. So if I'm able to respond at all from here on, it will be for short periods when I'm at my personal computer and off the clock. Sorry. This might be a good time to just hang it all up.

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Lucy, I'm home! Really

Twocub, she barely escaped an ethics investigation after playing fast and loose with the concept of 'ethics' and then instituted a new code for everyone else.

The two interesting parts of the code (not all of it is bad - the conflict of interest parts are just fine) are the clause which prohibits all social media activity during work or even outside of work if we're using state hardware.

And then the clause which states that all employees are required to report any violations no matter how small or who it is they're reporting. Failure to report the violation is also a serious infraction.

So I'll be watching our custodian to report them next time they're on their smart phone during the day.

The National Science Foundation has been promoting Twitter as a means to bring science 'to the masses' so-to-speak. Guess THAT'S off the table now!

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