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(throwback time.....)


"so tired, tired of waitin', tired of waitin' for yooooou.

I was a lonely boy(scout), I had nobody til I met you, but you keep-a-me waitin', alla the time, what can I dooooo?

"(it's your life, an' you can do what you want.) Do what you want....

BUT PLEASE DON'T KEEP-A-ME WAITIN', please don't keep-a-me waitin',,,, cause I'm sooo tired, tired of waitin' , tired of waitin' for yooooou, for yoooooou, for yoooooou....."



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((on a roll))


""As I went out one evening, to my RoundTable to play ,

A thirty five year old DE, to me these words did say....

"I see that you are a Scouter, and not just an average bum,

For only does a Scouter, stir his coffee with his thumb.


My ASM, he was a Scouter, there're no more like him today.

If you put a tent up on it, he'd sleep on a pile of hay...""





((Stay tuned...))

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I think by now most of you have realized that mdsummer45 has been pulling all your legs with this preposterous fable and has offered no concrete facts to support this fairy tale, so have fun trying to second guess each other. What a waste of time.

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I would agree BadenP except for one thing - mdsummer45 posted the exact same story in another forum prior to posting here.


There is no way National would take so long on this UNLESS there is something that falls in the gray area of acceptable behavior.

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