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  1. That has been the policy for many years now. No one on one contact between an adult and a youth ever. It extends to phone calls, text messages, and emails as well where ideally a parent is included or at least another volunteer is copied on the communication or is present on the phone call. A Scoutmaster conference is to be held in a corner of a room with other Scouts and Scouters around, so a youth who is uncomfortable may signal to others or a volunteer can investigate a youth who looks concerned. The best thing that happened with enforcing the policies was empowering the volun
  2. @Eagle1993 So do you think that the 22 February hearing will provide an indication of the resolution of the case?
  3. I am assuming that CE means Council Executive by which folks mean the Scout Executive. If my assumption is not correct, please let me know. Sometimes a Scout Executive comes to a local council and does well earning pay increases. Also, it is customary for a SE who goes to another council will get a raise of about 15% if my memory serves me well. Some SE’s are good managers, some good at program, and some good at development (fund raising). Few are truly expert in all three. Also, each council has unique politics, history, and individuals. A SE can do well in councils and move u
  4. There might be a few large metro councils that have such “old money” but I know of none. The largesse that some believe lies in the local councils does not exist. They are allowed to go forward and survive bankruptcy saving their core to mission assets. There is not much more.
  5. My thoughts too. Some councils have only a Scout Executive and single staff person. I have received the yearly outside audit reports as an Executive Board member and have looked up online the IRS information. The council reporting in brochures, etc are accurate. I believe my fellow Scouters but want it known that some councils work much as they should. The Executive Committee and Executive Board are active and interested. Unfortunately, a few councils are less well run. That is not to say that we do not have problems and disputes but we work through them.
  6. In clarification, unit dues are frowned upon only if part of registration - it is desirable make it clear what is required for registration and what are dues. However, national does not try to prevent the two from being bundled.
  7. A better and more strict youth protection program is more feasible in the current structure rather than a federation of local councils dominated by the largest councils. Scouting would no longer be the same everywhere because the authority to have one set of requirements would be replaced by local variations. My opinion is that it would be a far less desirable situation than now. However, these lawsuits will not end the movement - Scouting will go on.
  8. That certainly would make things challenging but the volunteers are determined to continue to serve youth. There is much public support, and I could see the councils surviving though it will be challenging. At least the executive board on which I serve will want to go forward.
  9. I did not say that, but the local councils are separate 501(c)3 not for profit corporations who are in the business of out of school child development. My feeling is that they will continue with their mission without a national council or charter but will not be able to use BSA registered intellectual property. They can continue to have camps, fund raise, have units and outdoor activities. Just because the BSA no longer exists will not make them go out of business.
  10. Another point of clarification, until just recently (last 1-3 years), all registration fees went directly to the national council with none going to the local council. Some units (packs, troop, crews, ships, etc) collect some extra that remains in the unit, but it is frowned upon. Summer camps, camporees, and fund-raising supplies the local councils with operating funds. Loss of summer camps could be a death blow to some councils.
  11. The local councils set and pay the Scout Executive salary and benefits as well as for the entire staff. There is a single HR department for the BSA so that retirement, health insurance, and other such benefits allow a large group for purchasing power. Phone allowances, expenses, travel, any transportation allowances are handled and paid locally. The BSA has pay bands for positions that the local executive boards are to follow, and they usually do, but not always. Local executive boards run the local councils. There have been policies regarding the procedures for handling child a
  12. @Muttsy Since the mid 1990's. I have served on the Executive Board of my local council and for part of that time was a member of the Executive Committee. During the nearly 30 years, never has a child sexual abuse case been a topic, discussed, or otherwise been a part of the meeting. The BSA Chapter 11 has been and still is with the issues being discussed only in the aggregate. Never have I been in discussions concerning a particular case of child abuse. We have not tried to conceal assets or make shells to shield them. From my chats with others across the country, my experience is the no
  13. For those who are knowledgeable: Is the TCC attorneys paid only by the BSA while the case is tried? In other words, do they get a percentage of any settlement? If they do not get part of a settlement, then there is no incentive for them to end the case. Driving the BSA into chapter 7 would maximize their profit.
  14. For months, the approval has been set at ~2/3 and that has now been achieved. Seems to me that the BSA through mediation met the standard. Clearly, the judge is the final word but Omni confirms that it was accepted.
  15. The local councils have meetings with the BSA National officials from time to time. Those meetings are typically informational and might provide predictions or information a day or so before it hits these pages. Local councils often leave positions unfilled for several months to save money or to increase flexibility in uncertain times. So your council could just have openings that they have not been able fill or some combination of conserving money and being flexible. I have heard nothing about the vote except there is hope that the plan is going to pass.
  16. As the time that a vote total approaches, I encourage everyone to repeat the Scout Oath and Law several times to remind us how to treat one another. There are victims here who wish for the plan to fail. If it does, they will be pleased and if not, they will be very unhappy. Scouters wish for them to be compensated as they deserve some level of compensation. Also, this list is for Scouters interested in bettering Scouting. Many of us have been on these forums for many years. Though they want victims to be compensated, many (most ?) feel that the present plan is a good compromise.
  17. The issue is that if a youth under the circumstances that you outlined were to be abused, the BSA can be liable. Youth have been abused entirely outside of Scouting with only the initial meeting of the perpetrator and victim occurring in a Scouting setting with the BSA being liable. So while your points are valid and well taken, the BSA must show that it has made Scouting safer for youth. I do not know if there is a happy middle ground or what it might be.
  18. It is very doubtful that the assets of the independent local councils would ever go to national. Our council would not agree to that and our state's attorney general will fight the transfer of any council's assets within our state. We could pivot to a youth service organization and continue a youth service mission. The way in which you wrote the above sounds like the court is fighting the BSA which is not the case. The court should be committed to preserving the BSA while adjudicating the bankruptcy and the judge has said that in her comments. The state court lawsuits will drag on
  19. The fallacy in your view is that the local councils will accept the TCC proposal. As they have inferred a doubling or tripling of the contributions will not be accepted in my opinion as a local council executive board for over 25 years. The TCC is not being realistic or reasonable. Obviously none of us have crystal balls but if this fails, the statute of limitations barred claimants risk getting nothing.
  20. To me, if the desire is to provide the most equitable compensation to the most claimants, then one must vote approval of the RSA. This is because my understanding is that most claimants are statute of limitations barred. The current plan would provide all of them some compensation. If this goes to state courts, most of those claimants will get nothing unless there is a change in laws that may or may not happen. So to provide the compensation to all claimants and not exclude most, one must vote to approve the RSA.
  21. You are absolutely correct. The local council’s exposure is a function of the number of claims, severity of alleged crimes, statute of limitations status, and likelihood of a severe judgement. There could be other factors as well. The council’s financial situation, unrestricted assets, size of council and other factors. The analysis is much more thorough than the TCC. Additionally, the TCC does not really understand the way councils work and their challenges but fellow councils do. If the current RSA is not approved, I predict that the average claimant ends up no better than
  22. If this plan is not accepted by the court, local councils cannot contribute two to three times the current amount and will be forced into court with attorneys making money but likely little more for claimants. This entire situation is so sad.
  23. Have been a Methodist my entire life and there is no money to be had in the local churches (many are supported by larger churches who are themselves barely making the budget).
  24. That will likely not fly at all. My council is a medium sized council who lost about 50% of its members through covid and chapter 11 PR. This sum would be devastating. We would likely fight in court and/or file chapter 11. There just is not the money out there that the TCC says.
  25. The representatives of the local councils worked out a formula that took into account size, financial situation, number of claims, and other factors. The formula has not been released to my knowledge. It was not promulgated by national. There has been historically a tension between national and the local councils so the local councils would wish to perform this process independently of national.
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