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What are the Girl Scout Ranks equal to those in Boy Scouts

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One more thing, I have known people whose daughters or sisters were working on their Gold Award projects, and based on what I have heard and seen, the amount of effort, planning and leadership that is expected of the girls is equivalent to what is expected for an Eagle project. In fact, every Gold Award project I have heard about has involved months of effort, whereas I have seen a few Eagle projects that were a matter of weeks from conception to completion. (Not that most of the latter were very good projects, and you can guess what event was weeks away when the mad scramble began.) I am sure that individual projects vary in both programs, but on the whole, a Gold Award or Eagle project is a great accomplishment for a young person, regardless of what other requirements and prerequisites for the award may exist in each respective program.

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I would like to commend Campaholic and Yarrow for their positive comments on the Girl Scouting program and the Girl Scout Gold Award.


I would also like to take this moment to express what the Girl Scouting program has meant done for me. I hope everyone understands that the Girl Scouting program is more than cookies and crochetting. I know Campaholic mentioned the Career Exploration pin, which Senior Girl Scouts must earn prior to their completion of the Gold Award. This is actually a very interesting award and allows young women to think about their future career paths as well as the road that they must take in order to get to where they want to be.


It was Girl Scouting where I first wrote my resume, this was for the Career Exploration pin, but it is a highly useful skill to learn. Unrelated to the Career Exploration Pin, I participated in a Girl Scout program in my state's capital, which included shadowing my State Representative around the Capitol for a day. As cliche as it may sound, it was this program that set me off into the political world. I am now a political science major and I have spent almost three years working in that same legislators office. Armed with my resume that I began in Girl Scouting and experiences I had with him through Girl Scouting, I had my first job in my major before I even graduated high school, which set me up to meeting people in the political arena and now I am much further along with my contacts and experiences than many Political Science graduates. I have Girl Scouting to thank for that.


As I got older in Girl Scouting, I volunteered with Brownie troops. My experiences helped to hone in my leadership and organizational skills, thus helping me as a Girl Scout leader and an Asst. Scoutmaser for my Boy Scout troop.


Interestingly enough, I first learned how to check my oil and do minor car repair in the Girl Scouts.


My original camping experiences came from being a Brownie in Girl Scouting, and going off to Girl Scout summer camp. I also learned how to ski, snowboard and snowshoe in the Girl Scouts. These outdoor skills, allowed me to become a Boy Scout camp Scoutcraft Director, which anyone who is familiar with the position can honestly say is no 'girly girl'position.


All of this rooted in Girl Scouting. My Girl Scouting success story is not isolated. I know of many girls who have had similiar successes because of the Girl Scouting program.


A 'girly girl' organization where the members knit and sell cookies, I can honestly say I have done both, so if that makes me a stereotype, so be it, I have gained far more skills in Girl Scouting than how to be domesticated...in fact, I feel Girl Scouting has taught me I should expect more from life than knitting and cookies.


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First of all...


OutdoorThinker, I was NOT being negative to girls in a Venturing crew and in a Girl Scout troop at the same time.


And second,

I not being rude to the GSUSA, i was stating that I don't think that I dont agree or understand why both organizations could't work together...


Also, why are yall arguing with me when I said I know I have no right to being saying that against GSUSA when I hardly know the orgaization.

I admitted that I should've not, so why argue that with me any more. A scout is courteous, I admited it. A scout is kind, yall should have respected my apology.


All I'm saying is that the BSA and GSUSA merge, and e a Scouting organization for America, or BSA merge with another Girl orgaization that has about the same ranks and awards, or the Girl Socuts merge with a Boy orgaization that share their levels and beleifs.


Sorry for anyone who that I have angered or upset from the post.

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Senior Patrol Leader --


Relax. No one is accusing you of attacking them or their organization.


Sometimes differences cause people to defend their organizations quickly and without thought. I have seen nothing but praise for eitehr organization in this thread.


There was actually a movement in the late seventies to -- not necessarily merge Boy Scouts of America with Girl Scouts of The USA, it even led to the BSA uniforms saying "Scouting USA" in the strip over the right breast pocket instead of "Boy Scouts of America." But it didn't last. There were just too many organizational differences on each side.


So both excellent organizations continued to go their excellent ways. A merger is unlikely.


Venturing can be as good for veteran Boy Scouts and veteran Girl Scouts as well as a boy or girl with no exposure to either program if done correctly.



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I was a member of a co-ed scout unit that is (i think) similar to venturing, you'll find that the girls knowledge or lack of it of camping skills is not really a problem, if they know to good, if they don't they will learn without much effort, learning to light a fire with wet wood might be challenging but it only takes you to be willing. Our unit was heavly focused on comunity service , tho camping was still important, and they were very helpfull in both. At the end I advice you to accept all girls that are interested and of an appropiate age level for yor unit, you won't be disapointed.



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Alas and Alack (thats Shakespeare you know)


Mea Culpa,

Mea Culpa,

Mea Maxima Culpa

(thats Latin)


I have fell victim to my own petty assumptions, well, I never said I was perfect (all the crew would second that emotion), I guess I just reaffirmed my humanity...


As punishment for such a heinous crime I will forgo the next 5 scheduled Venture Crew events in reparation.(This message has been edited by OldGreyEagle)

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OGE: That's a pretty harsh punishment, I think a simple promise that you wont do something like that again will be fine. Besides, I wouldnt want to take you away from your Venturing Crew. Those girls in your crew that you talk about, especially that Scoutcraft Director, seem to be quite the force to reckon with and I wouldnt want to upset them.

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