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  1. Dan, your post reminded me of a song...well...most things remind me of songs actually...but I am trying very hard to refrain from posting them all here...but this one is strictly to make you feel better. It goes like this: All God's creatures got a place in the choir Some sing low some sing higher some sing loud on the telephone wire and some just clap their hands, or paws, or anything they got now There's other verses, but the point is...all gods creatures got a place in the choir...even you and OGE...
  2. OT!! You're going down! How dare you start them up again! *grumbles* Just you wait...
  3. I'm still waiting for the response on what would happen if you took your girls away OGE...and I don't remember anyone in the CREW ever asking you to sing...maybe the troop...but we love you anyway...
  4. I don't know about you OT, but I tried really really really hard to control myself from not commenting on that one...but it's like this OGE...in your head...take out all the girls from the crew...now what do you have? Still want us to go? We will... And OT, you know I love ya...and maybe you also know I'm a sucker for songs myself. Some of this particular summer's favorite's were The Baby Duck Song A-O-Bo-Diddly-Bop Desperado Green Grow the Rushes Oh You'll Never Get to Heaven As for slow songs... I do enjoy Moon on the Meadow greatly and it reminds me particularl
  5. Speak for yourself OT...i'm not sure where you have been...maybe cutting outtings, but I've had to listen to them numerous times! And i have witnessed...who wasn't at the last Biff...YOU! Who was...me! And I learned more about boy scoutting and their songs than I ever thought possible(not that this is a bad thing boy scouts, I am willing to learn, you just have to know the cirumstances)
  6. YOU HAD TO GET THEM STARTED! Didn't you Outdoor Thinker! You couldn't let a good thing go! You had to to think about your campsickness! Call a camp friend, sing songs to youself, visit your camp, but get them started! How COULD YOU! *Cries*
  7. Nope, not sure who you're talking about...maybe OutdoorThinkers Crew has similar issues...
  8. Being a girl crew member, I would have to agree it's the only way to go, thank you buffalo2. I'm not sure what your advisors reasons for not wanting girls is, but I am kind of interested, so if you find out, post it. One of the hardest things that we run across is finding a female chaperone. Some co-ed crews have female advisors, however, ours does not, so we kind of struggle. We've recently starting doing activities with another crew that has a female advisor, so it solves our problems a bit. Some positive things to tell your advisor is, it allows some of the guys to feel like they're ol
  9. Goodness Outdoor Thinker, lay off Old Gray Eagle. You have the poor man sentencing himself to cutting activities and I'm sure his kids need him. Have you never refered to a group of girls as "guys"?...
  10. Well, please don't take this as shooting the messanger, because that is not my intention at all. It may be true in your wife and daughters troop that they do tend to do "girly-girl" things. However, each Girl Scout troop is completely different. The troop I was in as a senior was one of the most diverse troops I've seen around. We really did learn to knit...not because we were in to "girly-girl" things, but because we thought it would be neat. How many Boy Scouts do you know who think it's cool to knit a scarf? But we also did more high adventure things, such as weekend camping trips, staying
  11. SMT376Richmond KY: to my knowledge there is no rule against being in both organizations. In fact, if she thinks she'll be uncomfortable, tell her to ask some of her Girl Scouting friends to join the crew with her. That's what I did and not only did I become better friends with the girls I came in with, but I made a whole lot of other friends in the crew as well!(This message has been edited by Campaholic)
  12. If they are anything like the girls in my crew, I'm sure they would probably laugh if they knew you said you were "totally down with them and repect in a "far out" way" and that they were "far out"...I know I would laugh at my leader... But then again, my crew knows how to take jokes very well.
  13. I feel as if Outdoor Thinker summed up the different age levels of Girl Scouting for you quite nicely. I hope that your question on which levels of Girl Scouts you are looking for (which is the seniors) was answered. Althought I thought it would be fun to touch on Girl Scout Camping Vs. Boy Scout Camping, since I have worked at a Girl Scout Camp and seen Boy Scout camp run, I will go along with her I guess... I must admit that once I got involved with Ventures I was often telling my crew advisors that it was "more fun" than Girl Scouts. I mean, I have never ever heard of another type of
  14. Well, the girls in my crew have been in many of the leadership positions, which has always kind of been okay with the boys. Not necessarily a battle for possitions, but I feel that in general there really have not been any awkward times between the teenage girls and teenage guys even though none of us really knew each other before we joined. I know that I expected that there would be some bits of awkwardness before everyone started to get to know each other, but everyone is pretty much there for a common reason, and in our crew that is high adventure. As for council wide leadership. Ru
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