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What are the Girl Scout Ranks equal to those in Boy Scouts

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I will list the girls first:


Daisy, 5-6 yrs old

No equivalent in Boys Scouts


Brownie, 6-8 yrs old

Cub Scouts: Tiger (7 yrs old or 1st grade), Wolf (8 yrs old or 2nd grade)


Junior, 8-11 yrs old; Highest award - GS Bronze Award

Cub Scouts: Bear (9 yrs old or 3rd grade), Webelos I and II (4th and 5th grade); Highest award - Arrow of Light


Girls Scouts 11-17 (formerly the levels of Cadette 11-14 yrs and Senior 14-17 yrs old); Highest Cadette Award - GS Silver Award and Highest Senior Award - GS Gold Award

Boys Scouts 11-17 - Highest Rank - Eagle


This is no way saying that the awards are equal; this is just a comparision of the ages.

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I know I came too late for this discussion and I have not read all of it yet but I must put my two cents in, and I won't remember who said what but you will know if you said it or not, if you even go back and read it.


First off, I'm a leader of Girl Scouts (Daisys through Cadettes) and a leader of Webelos. The two programs are RUN very different. A lot of the girls themselves, at least in my group, are fed up with the girly girl stuff and are ready for some High adventure fun! Once we get passed all this registration stuff (our council is a little slow on the draw for that) then the girls will begin on their adventures.


I do know that Senior Patrol Leader T15 has it right, as far as age equivelance. Girls do not rank, you are right. They level but nothing like cub scouts. They still have awards and badges they earn, like in the boy scouts, but they don't necessarily pertain to ONE common goal like a Bear scout is completing achievements to EARN his Bear award. A girl scout does not have anything like that accept when it comes to their signs in Junior scouts. My daughter herself is anxiously awaiting the age of 14 so she too can join Ventures.


I think, and he may have said it, Senior Patrol Leader thinks its unfair that a girl can just join Girl Scouts and because of her age be placed in Senior scouts and still earn her Gold Award where as a Boy Scout must go through the ranks to earn his Eagle. However, earning both, Eagle and Gold, are just as difficult. A lot of work must be done in earning both awards. The disappointment for me is that when a boy earns his Eagle he becomes an Eagle Scout, when a girl earns her Gold Award she is still a Senior Girl Scout with a Gold Award. Not as easy to put on a resume. And even if it was on a resume not many would know what it was.


Girl Scouting has gone as far as now getting rid of the the Cadette and Senior levels and now calling them Studio 2B Ages 11-17. Which will through your whole thinking off. No badges here, only charms! Although they still can earn their Silver Award and Gold Award. If they go to that for sure I know 6 Cadettes that will drop girl scouts in a heart beat!


I however have to somewhat disagree with Sctmom when girls in our country are lead away from science and math classes because they are girls. I think the girls know they can do anything they want to do as far as a career goes. They see that in their everyday life. They must see female doctors occasionally. They see females on TV that are judges, lawyers, and surgeons.


As for Girly girl stuff...in my opinion I don't think the things we do are Girly Girl. My girls don't crochet, knit or sew (okay we did the sewing badge recently and none liked it!), but they are all non-exciting. I don't think the girls are happy with the sitting around a table all the time doing what they have to do to earn their badges. I think they would LOVE the opportunities to go out and do the things boys do in their scout program but because somebody decided we needed a Safety-wise book we can't do this or that because safety wise says no or we can but with restrictions. It's almost like National wants the girls to only do girl things. I say, "Let them go! Let them do what they want to do (with supervision and proper protection) and let them learn how to tough it out!"


As a Girl Scout Leader and a Webelos Leader, I would LOVE to see the GSUSA come into the new millenium and revamp the program but take an honest opion poll of all the girls registered, not just a select few, and work the program to the way the girls want it. I'm sure they will be surprised. I'm sure if they did a study they would find that most girls drop out of Girl Scouts at the Cadette age level because the interest is no longer there and they can pursue other interests at school. I think it would be interesting to see how many girls actually leave girl scouts to join ventures or some other program similar to it.


Okay...so I've put in probably more than 2 cents but I had to Or I would forget everything I needed to say.

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