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National looking at letting homosexuals in the BSA

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Well I hear the death bell of Scouting as we know it coming to an end if National rules to let homosexuals join the BSA. To many Religious organizations will probably back out of being CO's. Many will not bend their beliefs and will not like having the possibility of being sued for sexual discrimination hanging over their necks. I am CO of our troop and am not sure what would happen to our troop if this ruling goes toward allowing gays join the BSA. I guess if it happens I will find out.

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The church I attend has little use for the BSA, they've never hosted a unit, and are perfectly content to cobble together a youth group on their own.


There may be some CO's who feel the same, but not to the point of dropping units.


I think, rather, that CO's would be happy to have more direct control over membership selection.

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I totally disagree that this will be of no effect....


First not supporting scouts at the national level, will produce lawsuits at the lower level where there is far less safety without the numbers of a huge national organization.


I venture that there are tons of little pro gay groups that are ready and waiting to attack at the lower level, knowing they will win not because of being right, but because there are far less funds... And ability to defend themselves.


Many churches that are CO's will drop the charter... Notice that this decision has been made right after the rechargers are completed... That gives the troops time to find other organizations before time to recharter.


On a personal level, we have already been told to expect a drop of the charter if this decision is made and also as a committee chair, I am having to make the personal decision to belong to a private organization that no longer supports the familly values that I beleive to be critical.


My son saw the article and has already stated he is rethinking his membership in the organization and he is a dream scout who lives every aspect of the law and oath...


No sir, I totally disagree... I hear the same bell tolling. When this is over, we may wind up with an irrelevant organization like others out there.... It used to be a great organization also....

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If they pass this and many CO's bolt, good for the BSA. Every year anti-gay policies are getting to be further recognized as discrimination. To me, this says the BSA is now recognizing that and standing up against discrimination. This seems like a is a good thing. If a bunch of COs bolt as a result, then at least the BSA looks like it's standing up against discrimination. That seems like a good morality lesson for our youth.


However, I suspect they floated this out there because the BSA fully expects it to pass. I imagine that they've already gotten nods from the major religious groups that they are comfortable with this policy.


As this decision will allow the COs to enforce whatever rules that they want, I don't see how any CO could now withdraw without looking pretty bad.

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When scouts is no longer supporting solid family values, and they cave on what they have stood for, for over a hundred years, that will be a sad day... You can call it not discriminating, but the supreme court said it's well within their rights as a private organization.


I like my sons statement best.... "Dad, I bet Lord Baden Powell would be really ticked off right now".


I say fire Ernst & Young and AT&T from the board and reaffirm their stand....

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well first off if you have to even ask why, you will probably never get it... second because homosexuals recruit and influence to their lifestyle. That is not somthing that a person who understands traditional family values wants around their boys.


Second thee is no basis for even changing this stand in the first place... currently to my knoweledge there are no questions anywhere about a persons sexual orientation when you join the boy scouts today as the organization stands... I do not discuss my Heterosexual views with the scouts nor do we even talk about sexual issues ever on a camp out.


So with that being the case... if a person wants to join the scouts today and keep their lifestyle and mouth shut, as it should be, they can join the scouts today.


Where the problem comes in is when they start promoting, and or discussing their sexual preferences, they are then asked to leave and that is as it should be... if I were to go on campouts and discuss my sexual preferences and discuss that with the boys, I should be asked to resign or leave also.


This has nothing to do with discrimination... it has everything to do with forcing others to agree with a lifestyle many will never accept and or agree with.

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No sthumper, sexualilty will still not be a major topic of discussion in scouting. But, homosexuals are not banned from scouting for promoting homosexuality, they are being banned for being homosexuals..


The den leader who was kicked out, to the outrage of the parents in her den.. Did nothing to promote her lifestyle to the scouts to cause it. It was just that someone knew she was and reported her.


The youth that was drilled relentlessly by his adult leaders for hours to "confess" he was gay so they could kick him out.. Was not pushing the issue, his "straight" conservative leaders were.. When he refused to confess, the promised him they would ask every person he ever spoke to in town, until they found someone willing to rat him out.


The man who was removed, because he was picked up from a scouting event by his significant other, had no kissy-huggy molment.. It was just someone seeing the other man pick him up, asked a fellow scouter who the driver was. Got told, and reported the man to council.


The man who was removed because their was a picture of him in some gay march, was not doing the gay march in his uniform. He was just recognized as a scout leader, and thrown out.


Do you see your wife sitting in the audience at a court of honor to see your son get an award as promoting your sexual lifestyle?.. If a homosexual male adult leader had his male spouse sitting in the audience to see their son get an award, would you see this as promoting their sexual lifestyle?.. Could he even say something like, "Let me ask my husband if ......" without your cringing? Would you see it a promoting your sexual lifestyle if you said "Let me ask my wife"??


The policy shift will not mean a change to how sex is promoted in the scouting unit.. It will just mean, homosexuals will not have to live the life of a monk outside of scouts, in order to be able to be a scout leader..

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Really. CO's have given their ok to this. You don't look at the news much do you. Southern baptist is up in arms about it, threatening to pull, or advise their members to to pull their CO status. Catholic is fairly limited comment, but it sounds as if it is leaning towards following the baptists, just not as vocal. Mormans--I bet they start their own.(edit--my bad--Mormans already allow gays)


When i became SM two years ago, my paster told me that he is supportive of the Boy Scouts, as long as it does not conflict with catholic values. This greatly conflicts with catholic values in my opinion. We are considered a ministry of the church. The church is not going to support a ministry that is so openly counter to its beliefs. So, my 50 boy scouts, and the 100 or so cub scouts may lose a CO. I bet it is just a start.


But, I believe the real issue, besides the moral issue, is that national is doing this as a risk transfer move. National can say, hey gays, don't complain to us, look at the locals. The locals are going to say--to much trouble for me to deal with--goodbye bsa.(This message has been edited by dennis99ss)

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