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  1. Thanks guys for the idea of the district scholarship... great idea... honestly after a year of this kind of crap, I am ready for someone else to pick up the CC torch... for being all about the kids we shure spend a lot of time jerking with adult size messes... can't we all just go camping.....
  2. I would like to ask for technical opinions as to how to handle a situation. I say technical as everyone has their own opinion and I already have as many of those as I do people in the committee... I am looking for how to properly proceed as a Committee Chair and keep things done properly. Situation Person who is Camp Master for the Summer Camp this year (not the SM) had it brought to his attention that a scout was not going to camp for financial reasons. As the Camp Master and SM (adult camper 1 and 2) get $100 off their fees, Camp Master made the decision on the spot and told the ca
  3. well first off if you have to even ask why, you will probably never get it... second because homosexuals recruit and influence to their lifestyle. That is not somthing that a person who understands traditional family values wants around their boys. Second thee is no basis for even changing this stand in the first place... currently to my knoweledge there are no questions anywhere about a persons sexual orientation when you join the boy scouts today as the organization stands... I do not discuss my Heterosexual views with the scouts nor do we even talk about sexual issues ever on a camp ou
  4. When scouts is no longer supporting solid family values, and they cave on what they have stood for, for over a hundred years, that will be a sad day... You can call it not discriminating, but the supreme court said it's well within their rights as a private organization. I like my sons statement best.... "Dad, I bet Lord Baden Powell would be really ticked off right now". I say fire Ernst & Young and AT&T from the board and reaffirm their stand....
  5. I totally disagree that this will be of no effect.... First not supporting scouts at the national level, will produce lawsuits at the lower level where there is far less safety without the numbers of a huge national organization. I venture that there are tons of little pro gay groups that are ready and waiting to attack at the lower level, knowing they will win not because of being right, but because there are far less funds... And ability to defend themselves. Many churches that are CO's will drop the charter... Notice that this decision has been made right after the recharger
  6. Again, really great thoughts on this subject... I have started searching the threads for more information and one of the struggles that I fight to overcome so that we can help create the ideal troop (which probably will only be attainable for 30 seconds till another issue arises)... Part of me mentally fights some of the concepts of the whole "boy led troop" from the perspective as I have seen it implemented in many situations. I believe I am beginning to understand the concept that a leader is struggling to find in the balance of a properly "boy led troop" and using the patrol metho
  7. Wow, this is a lot of great information... I saw a post earlier in another thread about a guy that revamped the troop pretty much from the ground up... and we are pretty much looking at some of the same issues... I will say this... not having the experience of some of the folks here... and not wanting to experiment on a whole group of kids... I really do see the merits of both as laid out in these posts... It however, in my mind comes back to what is the best thing for the scouts and what will most get them ready to "be scouts" in more than name and later be Eagles that hold the
  8. Basementdweller, that is an excellent idea... we did this with another scout that was a disapline issue... and it limits their involvment but the issue is now gone as a parent is there... thanks a million...
  9. We have a group of boys that vary from scout to eagle, about 34 in the troop. The boys have been in patrols in the past based on age. Each cross over with enough kids formed a patrol, and they stayed together to eagle. The problem was that there was segregation to the point that the older patrols wanted little to do with the younger patrols. There was little scout spirit with helping the younger along. So the great idea came up to blend the patrols with rank and age disbursed throughout the patrols. A few of the kids are very verbally and behind the scenes fighting the chan
  10. Here is a link to the curreny Vinyl Decal they sell... Vinyl Decal Item: 179VD http://www.scoutstuff.org/vinyl-decal.html
  11. Here is alink to the Vinyl Decal they do sell at the Scoutstuff.org site... http://www.scoutstuff.org/vinyl-decal.html
  12. Here is alink to the Vinyl Decal they do sell at the Scoutstuff.org site... http://www.scoutstuff.org/vinyl-decal.html
  13. After a couple of years of being in Boyscouts and many as a parent of a cub scout... I have made the personal decision that if it were not for idiots like the SM you are talking about... scouting would be a much more awesome organization... I have ran into far to many idiots like that in my time... their more interested in their opinion that what is right or wrong... and it is usually if not always the scouts that suffer...(This message has been edited by sthumper)
  14. Simple Situation: 1. I am Committee Chairman but fairly new and want to do it right. 2. a person in the troop made the statment that they were submitting paperwork to be an Assistant Scoutmaster. There was no ask for this person to be in this position nor did this person talk to anyone requesting a blessing in this. I understand that people volinteering is a good thing. However in this situation, them choosing themselves appointing and approving themselves, will be problematic now and later. 3. What is the written policy with BSA as to how an assistant Scoutmaster is chosen.
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