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President Buys Popcorn from Tiger Cub

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I think most intelligent people dislike the BSA's policies, but don't hate the Boy Scouts or the Children who are members.


Whether or not this a PR move by Obama hardly matters. He just made that young Scouts day and gave him a really amazing story to tell for years to come. Classy move Mr. President!

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I'm not a big fan of el Presidento... but I'll give him props for a classy move. I'd agree with the comment that most folks are quick to make the distinction between scouts, their units, and national's policies that they may view as incorrect.


Good for you Mr. O.


Heck of a story for that youth to tell for the rest of his life.



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I'm no fan of Obama, but I credit him for being a decent guy. This was something I'll remember Obama for fondly.







Heh, heh! in a spirit of partisanship, I think this is an amusing comment for Obama to have made. "MONEY!" and money APPEARS!


If the Tiger Cub had said "Twenty million dollars please!" I wonder if he could have made the all time biggest popcorn sale!

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Yah, smooth move, Mr. President.


But then, who can say "No" when a cute little Tiger Cub asks if yeh would like to buy some popcorn? ;) If da President walks away, the story would have been "President snubs first grader". So I give major props to da young salesman for his gumption and his timing!




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ForTheBoys, we don't actually know whose money it was. I doubt that it was ultimately the Secret Service agent's own money. Maybe the agents guarding the president carry some money for things like this; maybe it is the president's money and maybe it is your money and my money. Personally I would not object if $20 of our tax dollars from the president's "discretionary fund" went to buy the popcorn, although I guess technically in that case he probably shouldn't eat the popcorn himself. Maybe he puts it out for guests at the White House. Does it really matter?


It kind of reminds me of that movie where Michael Douglas plays the president, and there is a running joke where he is trying to buy roses for his girlfriend. At one point he asks his staff, "Where are my credit cards?" and they tell him they are "in storage in Wisconsin (I think) with the rest of your things." There was a strong implication in that scene that the president carries neither cash nor credit cards himself, which apparently turns out to be true, and I guess it makes sense.

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I bet that the Queen never bought anything from a Boy Scout.


The question is, when the Queen is out mingling with the public, does she have someone she can turn to and say "Money", and the person produces a 20-dollar-bill? (Excuse me, a 20-pound note.) Or shouldn't I assume the Queen mingles with the public?


We do know that one of her grandsons (and presumptive successor, eventually) sometimes mingles with Boy Scout leaders, at least, and even wears a neckerchief while doing so, as seen in this photo from the 2007 World Jamboree: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:2007_WSJ_Prince_William.jpg


And the more I think about it, the more I like the fact that a President of the United States, when seeing an opportunity to provide a great and memorable experience to a six-year-old, has the ability (and presence of mind) to say "Money", and there's the money, and the happy six-year-old.

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After all these years, at long last I get it!

HWMBO thinks she is the President.

I've lost count of the times that she has given me "The Look" And said "Money".

The President got of light, I rarely get away with just a quick $20.00


Which reminds me.

A couple of months back some twit was messing with the cars in the hospital parking lot.

A few friends of my wife who also work at the hospital had their cars keyed and tires were let down.

She was worried about her car.

I came home from work and she said:

We need to go out buy some orange juice, a loaf of bread and a car!

I remember when buying a car was a very big deal!

We went out bought some orange juice, a loaf of bread and a cheap used car!

Needless to say, you can guess who ended up paying for the car>




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