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You know.........there are programs that are shown on tv that I do not like. Could be they are not my style. Maybe not geared to my age group, or just outside of my interests. I like watching SyFy ( although the name is stupid as all get out).


I like watching The History Channel and Spike TV. Can't stand MTV or any of the shows thay show.



I hate Nancy Grace and all those other "news" shows that purposely show only one side of any story and they poll callers to determine in somebody is actually guilty. I personally think tose kind of show cause people to loose touch with reality and common sense. Guilty until proven guilty - and still considered guilty afterward anyways



But instead of telling people that they shouldn't watch those shows I don't like or do not even agree with.....I just change the channel and do not watch them.


Yeah, it's that easy! It's like I have the power to make them not be shown on my tv! :)


So...speaking of programs and groups we do not like or agree with........

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When I began the thread, it was simply sort of an aside comment that there was quite a bit of interest in AHG's at the expo. Did not see any indication that something was being hidden, as noted early on.


The few individuals in this now very long thread who have such personal antipathy, verging on hate as sensed through some statements, are truly a bit scary. If this is the attitude that a scouter displays towards other groups or people with whom they disagree, then they may wish to reconsider their involvement working with youth. Children, as has often been noted, are sponges, especially at the younger ages; but more intellectually during puberty and late teens. The kind of vitriol in a small few of these posts is not something any child or young adult should have presented as an example.


One can say that these kind of attitudes and feelings are not shared with the kids. But, they will see them anyway when they have the strength of some put forth here. And this really is seen in a few of the other threads as well.


From my personal perspective, at least one poster might seriously consider finding a new name for here, as the one with which he posts is not reflective of the man to whom it originally belonged in relation to the program. Surely, he would not be accepting of these kinds of comments.


Maybe it is time to close this thing, and move on. As some are fond of saying; "time for pie".

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Oh, I disagree.

AHG Mom and Seattle are finally getting down to business, and are discussing some basics regarding each others' programs and ideas.

Seattle, yes, AHG uses charter partners. This was some of the "discussion" by earlier posters, because they may very well share a charter partner. Most BSA and AHG units are chartered by churches.

I like the tag-along questions. Makes for interesting discussion.


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Those you serve are all Catholic and that is great.......We just don't fit their membership requirements. The residency and religious beliefs would be problematic.


The parents I spoke with were unaware of these requirements. And both agreed......


Seattle your right in scouting is scouting is scouting and it is all good. I have said it before and will continue to say it.......Remove the adults from scouting and it would be much better.....All of the politics and drama would disappear.


Baden Powell Service Association is a better fit for us.

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YMMV. It's important to assess all aspects of a program in determining whether or not it's a good fit for you. Clearly, you've done your homework and passed along your thoughts to other members of your congregation. Best of luck with your BPSA group!



Our troop is chartered by a United Methodist church. For some reason, the Cub Scout pack that is chartered by the same church meets at a different location, a local elementary school, while the Boy Scout and AHG troops meet at the church. This location difference might make deter some joint activities. At this point, I'm happy with how things are, but this may change when my son gets involved in scouting. Then again, it may not. I'm a believer in girls and boys having their own space to find themselves, and probably wouldn't be a proponent (but also not an opponent) of co-ed scouting. I think the great thing about a partnership of a girls' organization with BSA is that it affords both organizations the best of both worlds. Like I've said before, it's a win/win.


As far as the troop structure is concerned, I was very skeptical at the outset, but it works!!! The older girls are required to do a certain number of events (planning, organizing, shopping, and leading) for the younger girls for their advancement requirements, and the little girls just love it when the bigger girls pay attention to them. A typical meeting begins with an all-troop flag ceremony. Then, the girls break out into units by age: Pathfinders, Tenderhearts, Explorers, Pioneers, and Patriots. If the units are large enough, the units can be broken out into squads. Badge work and other programming is done by unit for obvious reasons. Then, the troop reconvenes at the end of the meeting for the closing flag ceremony. All the girls are encouraged to participate in the flag ceremonies, which are organized by the older girls. It really works out quite well.

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Sorry I missed your question earlier. We don't have many tag alongs. Some of the leaders have younger children, and the troop provides a playgroup/nursery setting for them during meetings, but few if any families bring additional program-aged children to meetings.

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The evidence is in. It's unlikely that Baden P will be an AHG unit leader.


Others may make different decisions.


I think these threads have done a good job of bringing out various issues and discussing them. People will make their own decisions based on their own values.

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The GSUSA patterned their program much closer to the Girl Guides of Great Britian than the BSA did to Baden Powells Boy Scout program. One big difference was the emphasis in the BSA on religion and "a scout is reverent" which is not emphasized very much in any of these programs, except the BSA.


In this vein I came across a great picture today:


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Also very relevant:








"Stand up, stand up for Jesus," sung to the familiar tune "Morning Light," next filled the arena with music, and the Chief Scout spoke briefly on the brotherhood of service, and then called on the flagbearers to lower their flags and appealed to all to think over the Scout promise which he repeated to them: "On my honour I promise that I will do my best to do my duty to God and the King, to help other people at all times, to obey the Scout Law." He called on those willing to render service to their fellow men to hold up their hands, raise their flags and answer "I will." A great shout of assent was the response. Prayers for the King, the National Anthem, and the Blessing, pronounced by the Archbishop, brought the service to a close. Before it was over, however, there was a fresh deluge of rain, but the Scouts stood their ground. They cheered the King, the Archbishop, and the Chief Scout, and then remained while the Chief Scout said a few words to the veterans of the movement.


At the High Mass of thanksgiving for Roman Catholics in the recreation ground Cardinal Bourne, Archbishop of Westminster, presided and preached. The celebrant was Canon Rooney, of Birkenhead. The Bishop of Shrewsbury was present, and the assistants at the throne were Canon Kelly and Canon Haslehurst. The proper of the Mass was sung by a special choir of Scouts from Birkenhead and Liverpool. The "Te Deum" was sung after Mass.

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