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Countdown to Freedom

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1000 POSTS!


I'm going to try to "retire" from this forum. It's been fun, but I think I've spent enough time here. Notice how I emphasized the word - try. That's because the last time I made a big deal about leaving, I hung around for another 700 posts.


Here's what I've tried to convey in my previous 999 postsif I failed to relay these ideas - I apologize.


I like the BSA. I really do. I love the fact that it at least attempts to be a faith-based organization, and yet welcomes as many as possible from different faiths (that recognize and will adhere to the BSA's values). Churches and other religious organizations aside, the BSA is the only organization I know that is standing up and defending traditional values. They are not caving in to the liberal culture. I pray that they continue to take this stand.


I don't feel the BSA is perfect. In particular, I think they're a little preoccupied with liability (although - for understandable reasons). Still, as far as I can tell, they're the best organization around for a young boy to join.


Frankly, while many leaders are engrossed by issues pertaining to camping skills, high adventure trips, and the like (not that there is anything wrong with this facet of the program), I appreciate the character building aspect of the program more (i.e., "Duty to God, country, and family").


Many folks are critical of the discussions featured in the "politics and issues" threads. However, I feel that these issues ultimately will shape the BSA of the future. At least, for people who are like me, who fully appreciate the traditional values embraced by the BSA - these debates are well worth having.


I don't hate people who don't embrace traditional values. I do feel that those who oppose the values taught in the Bible and elsewhere are in danger of losing their salvation. I also feel that many folks twist what is taught in the Bible for their own purposes. They too are very much in danger of losing their salvation. Actually, to be perfectly honest, unless you accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, I feel salvation is not obtainable. If you've done that, then you can be wrong about a lot of thingsbecause God forgives all who believe in Him.


I never claimed to be perfect. In fact, I am far from perfect. I have sins that I struggle with constantly. Yet, I would never tell you to accept my sins as normal behavior, which is what the homosexual community is doing.


I don't believe girls belong in the BSA. Girls and boys are different. There is nothing wrong with creating an organization and a program that recognizes those differences (i.e., the BSA). I would prefer to see the BSA focus on those differences a little more - but I guess for reasons of political correctness, they've opted not to do that. This is a minor criticism that I have of the program.


I guess this post could go on forever, because there have been so many captivating debates. I'll try to close this out.


To those that share my values and my faith, while I may not have always said it in a post, I truly appreciate that you're out there fighting the good fight. I pray that one day we will meet, perhaps in HeavenIt would be neat to see a face and speak to you in person. You know who you are - or at least you should.


To those that are convinced that I am something that I am not (i.e., an ideologue, a bigot, homophobic, woman-hater, gay-basher, a "fundamentalist", or some other misguided and/or simplified label), I truly wish you well. We may disagree - even passionately so. I may have even mislabeled you. Nevertheless, while I do believe sin is sin, and truth is truth, I have always tried to focus on the issue and its relation to truth, not the person. I am in no position to judge you in terms of your standing with God. Nor would I want to try. However, I do suggest that you examine your own soul and try to determine that yourself. I try to do this everyday. If by implication, you believe this to mean that I think my deeds and words make me more righteous than youthis is not so - my righteousness comes from Christ alone. If you don't understand, I pray one day you will.


Grace and peace be to you.


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You forgot,


"Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I am free at last!"


Although we generally have disagreed here, I think we do agree on a lot more than one might expect. I too think that scouting is a great program, yet have my reservations. We also agreed on Emeril. "Pork fat RULES!"


I wish you well and good luck.

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Awww, come on Rooster! I need a sparring partner. Actually, while I know you won't believe this, we agree on a lot more than you think.


BTW, if you check your Bible really close, you can't lose your salvation. You can grieve the Spirit by your behavior, but God will not abandon you. It's all there in black and white....promise!

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I hope you don't go, but if you really are, I need to ask you a couple questions first:


1) What ever happened to Roosters 1 through 6?


2) Once and for all, which came first, the chicken or the egg? I figured if anyone would know, the Rooster would...


Let's all try to meet in England at WJ 2007...c'mon, whaddya say?



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I think we are probably more alike than any two posters on this forum in our ideology and beliefs. I enjoy reading your posts and hope that you will be able to continue. There are many weak in faith on this forum. Remember that Jesus spent most of his efforts on those who were weak and he still does. You are only justified in leaving if it takes time away from ministry at home and in your community. Somehow I know you know that. You sound like you truly walk the walk. If that's the reason for leaving then you are doing the right thing. You can always check in from time to time.

God loves you and so do I


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I hope you take a break and then miss the forum too much to stay away. Your faith and articulate style are positive components that the boys that read this site can benefit greatly from. Don't underestimate the impact you may be having on them. Come back when you get rested!

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Don't stay gone for long! Believe it or not, I'll miss you and I've always known your heart was with the boys. That much, at least, we have had in common. Take your TDY in the wilderness and then return. I hope to read you again (and then argue about it). Essayons

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