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  1. How wonderful! Come and join us at Supporting Pine Ridge Reservation http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PineRidgeReservationSD/
  2. That would be great! Thanks to you and your family!
  3. Maybe Marilyn writes here because he has no other forum that will listen. We should just stop listening.
  4. There are many children waiting for sponsorship. We received a letter for our sponsored child the other day and in answer to our question of what he would like us to send he asked for two cans of spam meat...what Boy Scout can't relate to that?!? It's alot of fun and a great opportunity to teach the boys about another culture within our own country.
  5. Trailpounder, There are over 750 children in two schools alone that need help with school supplies. Here is the list of what each grade requires: K-2 Bookbags Crayons Flashcards Glue Beginner Pencils(The fat ones) Construction Paper Kleenex Grades 3,4,5 Pencils Journals 70 page notebooks Colored Pencils Markers Glue Sticks Glitter Loose Leaf Notebook Paper Rulers Multiplication/Division Flash Cards Large Erasers Grades 6,7,8 70 page notebooks (college rule) protractors scientific calculators pencils pens compositi
  6. Helping Our Lakota Families needs your help to collect 300 cans of soup to feed the children home from school for the summer. Mail donations to: Helping Our Lakota Families Darlene & Lynn Bettelyoun HC 49 Box 500 Pine Ridge, SD 57770 http://www.gwtc.net/~darbob/default.htm Cans of soup, boxes of soup or walmart gift cards will all work. The goal is 300 cans of soup.
  7. The last box I sent weighed about 14 lbs. Some have been as little as a 4" x 4" box of vegetable seeds. The needs are great and all donations appreciated.
  8. Sorry. Here is the link for "Helping Our Lakota Families": http://www.gwtc.net/~darbob
  9. To sponsor a child on Pine Ridge Reservation use the following link: darbob@gwtc.net
  10. Of course there is the benefit of the psychological impact this will have on would be terrorists in the Muslim world. I imagine they will have a different image of the US military and the treatment they may receive if caught.....hmm, I wonder if that is an accident?
  11. NJ, I think there are probably a few things we agree on, we both care about our families, we both try to be involved in our children's activities, we both enjoy verbal sparring on here; there that's 3 off the top of my head! As far as the ages of the people involved, I think that is less important than the rank of the people involved. If a private messes up, the sergeant is held accountable too. Where is the accountability of these NCO's and officers? Giving an unlawful order is just as much a criminal act as following one.
  12. NJ, if I remembered where I found it; I would share that info with you. I read it prior to McVeigh's execution so please don't fault this 43 year old brain for forgetting where I found it! Additionally, I read the decision from the case filed by the OKC's victim group against IRAQ some time ago---I don't remember now where exactly that is either.
  13. Having been an MP in peacetime, I first want to point out that Prison Guards (95C) in the US Army are a distinct job from Military Police (95B). The standards are less rigid to become a prison guard and test scores may be lower. Even so, in Basic Training all soldiers learn the basics of EPW and CPW treatment. It is in the soldier's manual as well. There is no way that these soldiers did not know that this treatment was improper. UNLESS those in higher positions ordered them to do it. Should they have stood firm and refused the orders based on the lawfullness of the orders? Of course.
  14. NJ, no I wasn't referring to an article but the actual writ of mandamus filed by Mcveigh's lawyer. I don't know what the rest of your post was about...supposition on your part I suppose. Generally the last people defense attorneys want on the the jury are former law enforcement...
  15. Read the writ filed by Timothy McVeigh's lawyer.
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