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  1. I apologize if I came off as offensive towards the innocent lives lost at 9/11. I was merely stating my disagreement with Rooster's generalization that the terrorists responsible were a bunch of crazed maniacs attempting to take out as many innocent lives as they possibly could. There are two sides to every story. Although it was unfortunate for the people of New York, for the country as a whole, it was sorely needed.
  2. Written in response to Rooster's quote : "We are fighting terrorists who are more than willing to spread their vision to every part of the globe. We are fighting people who want to die for their cause, who are willing to bring their cause to you, and who want to take as many innocent lives with them as they possibly can." Call me crazy, but I don't think that taking as many innocent lives as they possibly can is their intention. I don't think that an event like 9/11 was aimed at killing off 3000 American people. They do what they do for a cause, and in more than a of the few cases, a
  3. I made a little poem regarding our beloved president : Beasts of Peace Thick as sludge dark as coal A serial killer only he knows A life saver only he shows Engine burns another hole in my head. Stop feeding us bull **** were not dogs Beasts of peace causing only decease Shepherding the weak over cliffs of fear Through terror of intangible weapons Weve got a problem find someone to blame Fellow man gone no care for the loss Capitalist Danes eyes blue, hair blonde Freedom thrives on evil doers bloo
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