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Lion Scouts is Here!

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I just saw our council's bi-month newsletter and see that our council will be having a Lion Scout Program for Kindergartners next year.


As I am not involved with the Cub side of things anymore this was the first I heard of this.


Here the only info I saw about the program in the newsletter:

The cost of the program will be $15.00 per Scout. For their $15 dollars they will

receive a Lion T-Shirt, a graduation patch and all transfer fees when the go into Tigers.

We will be the 3rd Council to try this program and the other Councils are averaging 500 Lion Scouts.


Has anyone else heard about this program?


I will be trying to find out more about this program as my youngest will starting school and its something I will be looking into.(This message has been edited by CNYScouter)

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I did look at the thread from 2005.

Very little information and was mostly about how everyone thought it was a bad idea.


I was looking to see if any one out there had more about this program as the newsltter sai that it was being used in other councils.


I have contacted someone in my council to find out more about this program


(I haven't had much luck searching on-line about this "new" program either)(This message has been edited by CNYScouter)

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BACK TO THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!! Not quite...


Does anyone else here remember when WeBeLoS meant:




I proudly have my Lion rank patch on my Cub Class A uniform. I earned it in 1966-67!


At the time it was the top of the Cubbing food chain ;)

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So, Cub packs will now be conducting FOUR parallel programs?? That seems a bit complicated to me.


Lions (K grade)

Tigers (1st grade)

Cubs (2nd, 3rd, 4th grades)

Webelos (4th, 5th grades)


I wonder why they just didn't make Tigers a 2-year program


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I remember when first starting in Cubs some of the "older guys" in the Pack receiving the Lion Rank.


However, it was gone by the time I became one of the older guys and was replaced by the WEBELOS program.


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Um... I'm terribly embarrassed, but I have never heard of any such thing. There is no mention of a BSA Lion Cub program on the National site, save for the few references to the older rank. I am not sure that I uderstand what the program entails, if you have BSA support, if the council is calling a learning for life program "lion cubs", etc. I would not be opposed to a lion cub program except I would be concerned if it is coed. If it is coed, it would be very unfair to the girls who could have otherwise been Daisy scouts moving on to brownies, rather than getting kicked out of BSA until they are 14 and can join again in a Venturing Crew.


And who is running it? Council or Pack? Where do the activity resources come from? what is the supervison structure?


I will check out the 2005 thread for more information and maybe that will set me straight.


-Yours in Scouting


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CNY, you mentioned that the Lion program is getting started in your council. In another thread (girls in cub scouts) there's a question about whether Lions is boys only or co-ed. At least one poster has indicated that in her council it is co-ed, though others have said it is the first they've heard of it being co-ed.


Do you have any info as to whether or not the Lion pilot program that your council is going to be co-ed, and if so, do you have any idea what your council plans to do with the girls who join the pack as Lions, once they reach 1st grade and are no longer eligible for cub scout membership as Tigers?


Just curious...



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I am in same council as CNY, I emailed the DE to find out if it is coed. When we were told of this they said Kindergarten Boys. But after I pointed out this is a Learning for Life program, he wasn't so sure.


here is what brochure says




What is the Lions Program?


A Learning For Life group that works in partnership with a Cub Scout Pack.

Uses the Learning for Life Seekers materials, a set of values-based lesson plans designed for the kindergarten-aged child.

An opportunity for kindergartners and parents to experience a small taste of Cub Scouting, and to share in the values-based education provided.


How it Works:


Group meets once a month to discuss one of the lessons in the Seekers material.

Need not have a formal leader, parents can rotate who facilitates the lesson.

At least one parent must be with their child at each meeting.

Lions group also attends Pack meetings and events, and may be taken on field trips.

In June, Lions graduate to become Tigers in the Pack, and can therefore attend Day Camp and/or Weekend Camp that summer.


What Lions may do:


Be considered a den within the Pack.

Attend all Pack meetings with their parents.

Go on Pack or den field trips with their parents.

Take part in Pinewood Derby, Raingutter Regatta, and Space Derby.

Go camping with parents.

Wear a special T-shirt designed specifically for the Lions program, and receive a special Lions patch at the end of the year.


What Lions may not do:


Attend any Pack or den functions without a parent.

Work on Cub Scout advancement, such as the Bobcat badge, belt loops, etc.

Wear the official Cub Scout uniform.




I see this as a real problem in future as LFL is supposed to be a seperate organization open to all and we are telling them they can mingle with pack activities.

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Oh gosh is this ever a can of worms!


1. What to do with any girls who might be allowed to join (I noticed the language in the "What is the Lion Program" section is gender neutral...) once they graduate K and are no longer allowed in the pack as Tigers.


2. How this relates (or doesn't relate) to the LFL program.


3. How it relates to the current Tiger program. (Funscout - I sure hope parents will still be required to attend w/ the Tigers! I've run a few tiger den meetings and those little guys need more than just 2 adults present or things may really get crazy.)


On the other hand, I know that at cub scout round up nights and open house nights, I've been approached by lots of parents of K aged boys, asking if they could join and they've often been put off to be told "not yet." I'm sure that, in itself, this might be a great program if properly run. I just hope someone at national is thinking about (and coming up with good solutions for!) the wrinkles that it will cause along the way.


CNY - keep us posted if your son does join in the fall!



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