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Lion Scouts is Here!

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My Council, Hiawatha-Seaway in Syracuse, NY has been running a Lion's program for at least 4 years.

It can be co-ed (it's up to each unit to decide) but I have yet to meet a Pack that has done this.


If any of you would like to see the program material go to my districts's web site at:



On the left hand side menu you will find links to program material for Lion Cubs.


From talking with units that have Lion Pride (that's what a Den is called)


1) They are seeing about a 95% rate move to a Tiger Den.


2) Adults are more willing to step into a Pack Leadership postion when they have been in the Lions program.


One thing I don't know about is how many who started in Lion's have stayed and gone into WEBELOS or Boy Scouts


I'll try to get some data on this



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I took a look at the material on your council website.


All of it was marked to indicate that Lion Scouts is a Learning for Life program. But I couldn't find any info on it on the National LfL website.

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The Kindergarten Cubs (both male and female) are registered under Learning For Life because that is the only way that BSA can legaly register kindergarteners. They can not be registered in the current BSA Cub Scout program because they do not meet the entrance requirements.


The councils are also using some variation of (if not the exact program) the LFL Seeker program for Kindergarten age youth.

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We are running a Lion program in our Pack, which is in the same council as CNY Scouter, who originated this thread. It's just about the same as the original Tigers.


My question to the forum; does anyone have any recognition ceremonies for these boys we can use? We have a Blue-n-Gold coming up and we want them to feel included.

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As far as I know, I'm the only Lion parent here. My son was a Lion last year, as our council is one of those participating in this pilot program. I was under the impression that we were the first one, but I could be mistaken.


I'm not aware of any particular ceremonies, and I doubt if there are any, since it is a fairly new program, and our Pack was mostly "winging it".


I do applaud you for recognizing and including the Lions. Since there's no Lion "rank" badge, I suppose it could seem like they were excluded if most of the other dens advance in rank at the B&G, and they don't.


In the Pack we were in, different kids advanced at different times, so this wasn't as big of an issue. What you might want to do is find some temporary patch at the Scout shop (or find some old leftover ones) and award them to the Lions, in about the same way that you award the rank badges to the other dens.


As I mentioned, our Pack was generally "winging it", but it actually worked out pretty well. For den meetings, I think they always just threw together some last-minute activity (often, from the Tiger electives), so they were kind of so-so. But what my son got the most out of was being able to participate in many Pack activities, including the Pinewood Derby. And even when he wasn't able to participate, he still got a lot out of hanging around with the older Cub Scouts and seeing the cool stuff they were doing.


Also, my son did earn a couple of belt loops as a Lion. That will help get them hooked for next year, since they'll have to buy an official Cub Scout belt to put them on. :-)



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