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  1. I have a recognition program that I use for my Mowgli program but I'm not sure it is adaptable to a Lion Den. You can e-mail me direct if you would like a copy to see.
  2. I'm interested in hearing more about the K-Cubs program so I can compare it to the K program our Pack runs. Any contact info for that Pack or Council?
  3. I created the Mowgli program (a kindergarten program) for the year 08-09. It is run by a trained Akela (me) for the first part of the year and turned over to the parents for the second part. I started with 3 boys and added a fourth in Jan. They met every night that the Pack met (weekly) and joined the Pack in the Pinewood Derby, Raingutter Regatta, Pack meetings and many other activities. Two of the boys attended Daycamp. The parents had time to be YP trained and acclimated to the Cub Scout ways while I was leading the Den. My retention rate: all four boys bridged to Tigers and I had 5 tr
  4. Actually, In our Girl Scout Community, our Community leader is a male...
  5. My daughter is a Cadette Girl Scout (in 8th grade) and my son is a Tenderfoot (6th grade). I am a GS Leader and my exhusband is the local Cubmaster. I lead a kindergarten program for the Pack. I find that there are significant pros and cons from both sides. I like the way that BSA is more organized and I like the way GSUSA is safety oriented in the position of health records. My Girl Scouts knew more about tenting when they were in 2nd - 5th grade than the boys did. So much depends on the leadership team - if the leader likes to camp, they will lead the Scouts to the wilderness. We are
  6. 1) Our local council is (and was) aware and watching. 2) The boys are not registered with BSA. We are considered a tag-a-long program. The parents are aware that BSA does not cover this program and that the boys are not covered by any insurance through BSA. (They are covered under our chartered organization insurance for activities within the organization's property and the parents' private insurance otherwise) 3) We do not participate in any BSA sponsored programs (they are simply too young)
  7. I am currently running a Mowgli program (still Kindergarten boys). I wrote a complete curriculum based on our local school curriculum, Scout ideals, and the Scout program. I created a uniform and an award system as well. I changed the name to Mowglis in order to stay with the "Jungle Book" theme of Cub Scouting. Our Pack has been running a Lion program for 4 years and I finally decided that we needed to get serious. We had been using the Tiger program as a basis, but this caused too much overlay when the boys went into the Tiger program. The Mowgli program includes an adult Akela wh
  8. Our Pack has been running a pilot program called the Lions for kindergartners for 4 years now also. This year, I wrote an actual curriculum, changed the name to Mowglis and have set off in an effort to make it official. I created a uniform, award system, and program. Our boys are known as "man cubs" Comments or questions?
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