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Our PLC is looking ahead to High Adventure activities for 2011. Any suggestions on unique places you have been? We've done the usual:


Boundary Waters

Sea Base

Whitewater Rafting in WV

Chisholm Trail Adventure

Laguna Station



We would appreciate some first hand knowledge of different adventures you have tried.


OPne we are considering is a canoe trip on the Buffalo River in Arkansas. Anyone been there, done that?


Thanks for your help!





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I live in Arkansas so your question about the Buffalo caught my eye. When would you be planning on making this trip? Right now the only floatable part of the river is the middle and lower river. There is a major campground, Tyler Bend, in this part of the river and Buffalo Point on the lower river. Once you get past Buffalo Point there is only 1 take out in 30 miles. There are group camping sites at both campgrounds.





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Why not something a bit closer to home? Both WI and MI offer some great opportunities.


Rafting the Wolf

Canoeing the St Croix, or Flambeau

Biking WI, and UP trails

Backpacking thru many surrounding State and National park lands

Scuba on the Apostles

Rock climbing at Devils Lake

Isle Royale


Don't forget IL. Shawnee National Forest in Southern IL offers quite a bit, including horse camping


BTW, high adventure and houseboating? Really?






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I've done the Buffalo from Ponca, too much whitewater for kids and too early in the season. After the first couple of days, great sites, we were unimpressed. The Shawnee Nat. Forest is in our council, I don't think it has enough to do. You could do a float on the Current or Eleven Point in S. Missouri. Sierra Club has done one of their national trips on the Eleven Point. One to two week floats available, clear water, both are National Park rivers.

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Our troop did this a few years ago and it was a great float. We did it in May and was told that spring is the best time. There is also a Boy Scout Camp that we were able to stay in for free right on the river in Jasper, Arkansas. Camp Orr.


The river is pretty fast and I was glad to have my life jacket on. Great bluffs all the way down on our float.


I don't know if I would qualify it as a high adventure but I would say it would be a great trip.


Good Luck.

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Try the Pamlico Sea Base outside Washington, NC.




They do sea kayaking along the Outerbanks; sailing trips; an Ironman program of hiking, cycling, and kayaking; scuba diving; and can customize a program for your unit.


I believe, stress believe, they are part of the personal watercraft pilot program going on with the BSA. It's either PSB or the neighboring camp, Camp Boddie (formerly known as Camp Bonner) which is also part of the East Carolina Scout Reservation. Be advised there are restrictions to this program.


Best thing is this: a lot of troops will bring the entire troop to the camps. Younger guys go to Camp Bonner and older guys got to PSB.


Hope it helps.

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Camp Orr on the Buffalo River was a favorite of our trrop in the early 80's. It used to have the traditional merit badge offerings for first year scouts, PLUS hiking, backcountry backpacking, AND canoe floats. I seem to remember hiking to the highest waterfall of some sort, and spending several hours playing and resting in amazingly cool water pools under the falls...memories.


Our troop also did houseboating. It was a Corps of Engineers lake in southern Kentucky, Laurel River Lake??? It was awesome...

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We houseboated on Lake Cumberland in southwastern Kentucky. The kids had lots of chances to fish, cliff jump, hike, tour historical sites, we did pull a motorboat, a sunfish sailboat, and a kayak. And although its not hiking or paddling for twelve hours a day, it was something different. New experiences are what it's all about.

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