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  1. How about the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation right there in Missouri. Great camp!!! http://www.hoac-bsa.org/bartle
  2. Yes, I think you will be fine with the trailer. Just make sure the driver is aware of the road and takes his time stopping in the designated spots to cool the brakes. If you could, you should go see the camp in the spring and do a float on the Buffalo river. Very nice river in the SPRING. Dries up in the summer and can't float as well. Camp Orr will let you stay there during the off season if you are on a boy scout function and call in advance to schedule.
  3. Been there once during an off season visit. Check first and last day policies regarding getting gear in and out. It is an unbelievable trek on a gravel road down a very steep grade. We were told to stop the cars in a specific spot to cool the brakes and when heading out to use low gears. We had to do both of these. The camp is on a beautiful river with wonderful cliffs surrounding it. We took a troop there in Spring to do a float on the Buffalo River. Would highly reccommend that.
  4. "You think it is crazy for a Scout to take a class for a merit badge he's already earned, just because he thinks it's fun." That is awesome! We have some boys who take shot gun shooting and rifle shooting every year. Some of our leaders kind of roll thier eyes but we all giggle a little and move on. For the leaders in our troop (just a few) who really care about the number of badges our troop gets, I tell them it counts towards the total and they move on. Now this brings up a different problem. This one boys has been in our troop for 6 plus years. He turns 18 in February and s
  5. Great follow up with our scout who wants to get eagle at 14. Our overnight this weekend involved biking a 15 mile trail. This boy did not want to go because he had never rode a bike with out training wheels. I don't know if he remembered our conversation 2 weeks prior about having fun but he did come. The first mile was tough but he did great and finished with no problems. We had a great camp fire last night and this boy was very proud of himself. Now I understand everyone's points her and we all have good examples of how it works best for our troop but in this specific case I am so happ
  6. I have seen scouts get them when they are 14 and others get them at 17. Myself would rather see them do this at 17. I sat with on a board of review at camp this summer for a boy earning his Life badge. He proudly stated that he already had is badges required for Eagle and just needed to do his project. He was barely 14 and his plan was to finish while he was 14. I asked him if during the last week at camp had he gone on a hike to explore a cave. He hadn't. I asked him to slow down and enjoy camp and what scouting offers. It isn't a race. I would rather see an active scout take h
  7. keep him with his pals.....mom is going to be in the room with him, mature or not. +1
  8. Just got back Saturday after enjoying 10 very hot days at the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation in Central Missouri. Big drought in our area so the lake was very low but plenty of water for the boys taking lake front merit badges. All of our days were in the upper 90's and a few reached 100 degrees but with the shade from the beautiful oak trees it wasn't to bad. The Mess Hall was rocking, Out Posts were all excellent, the woods were alive with critters, and the boys seemed to have a wonderful time. After 10 days I was ready to go home but I already can't wait until the next time I get to vis
  9. 48 days for me. Haven't been to excited until this week. A freind of mine's son went down for staff training Wednesday and now I am itching to go. Good and bad year for me. My oldest son earned his Eagle a few months ago but my middle son dropped out. I am hoping that with no pressure he will take some time off and get back in. He is really into sports which I love watching him play but has lost interest in the scout thing. I have one more boy and that starts 1st grade next year and I am afraid to sign him up for Tiger Cubs which he really wants to do. I think the Cub program is
  10. This is an easy one. You could express your concerns at the next committee meeting in a non-threatening way and ask if anyone else is interested in being the CC. I see to often that we are afraid of hurting someone's feelings by questioning a situation when in fact there should be a concern. My concern isn't the ethics but the huge responsibility put on the family trying to fill two important positions. The problem you may have here is no one was interested in helping and this person simply plugged a hole. My suggestion to you is be ready to step to be your troop's next CC. I am for our
  11. There are alot of sporting activities in our troop. There is a basketball court at the church where we meet. There is a parking lot for touch foot ball and kick ball. Each week a patrol is in charge of a game and they can do whatever they want and lot of times they pick basketball, football, kickball, capture the flag. On our overnights there is a lot of sprots played as well. On our canoe trip the camp site we stay in has a covered basketball court and we play a lot of ball after the float. We have had adults vs boys soccer games in fields at a very nice state park. We have also
  12. Got back Saturday after 10 days at the beautiful H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation in Osceola, MO. It was very hot and humid but amazingly I wasn't dying to leave. Our boys seemed to have a wonderful time and the program was excellent as always. The kids earned some merit badges and we had some rank advancements. We also had a project going on in camp were the boys built bird houses for their parents and the Scout Reservation. Our other project was cleaning out a cave so kids could explore it safely. And as always, Mic O Say kept the boys interested in scouting and I can't wait to do it all
  13. If I had an older scout come to me and ask if he can wear his old scout uniform to an Eagle Court, the last thing that is going to cross my mind is if he is registered or not. "Please come to the Eagle Court and I am sure we would all love to see you in uniform. Please invite your parents as well. I would love to see them and catch up." That would be more like a response I would expect from a scouter. I love all you posters and enjoy the reads but we need to lighten up just a bit before we run off more boys.
  14. Leave this Thursday July 15th for ten days. Get to go with two of my boys. Got to do a lot of shopping and organizing today to get ready. Always a little nervous the week before we go. I am our camp scoutmaster for the first time. It has taken a lot of planning and am anxious to see everything come together.
  15. Yes, I did read your email but you are still missing my point. An email is NOT an effective form of communication when an answer is needed quickly. Yes I understand people may be gone but I guarantee with a little detective work and a few phone calls, you can get a phone number of the person you need to call. Or you can sit back and check your emails. don't get mad. You asked for help and I tried to point you in a direction. Good Luck and have a great time on your trip.
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