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Randomly Vanishing Threads ...

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And this is necessary why?


Your last thread said only:


"(This post edited by a staff member)" or whatever. There was no need to keep it. For some reason, I have a feeling a moderator didn't delete whatever it said because if so I would think that person would have locked or deleted it like I did.

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aha! We have identified the culprit! ;)


Thanks for 'fessing up, Hops. Now I know to whom I should direct my comments and suggestions. (I find it ironic that we are discussing censorship in another thread.)


It boils down to this: as a moderator you have free reign to delete threads and edit our posts for whatever reason. Or no reason. That is a great power. However, with great power comes great responsibility. :) Moderators must be responsible for each and every change they make. Like others on this forum, I bristle at the notion that someone can come along and CHANGE MY WORDS without my permission.


So my request to all moderators is simple: PLEASE SIGN YOUR WORK. Let us (and the world) know what your edits are and why.



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I object to being edited in an ungrammatical fashion. Changing "you guys have a problem..." into "y'all have a problem..." is just declasse'


edited just for mischievous reasons :-)





acco40 (This message has been edited by a staff member.)

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Yah, hey, nobody better be changin' my beautiful, sonorous northern midwest accent to make it more grammatical, eh? We toothy, furry critters got our pride :)


I'm with Trev. "Secret moderation" is like "secret prisons". Even if what you're doin' is just fine, it sure looks wrong.




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"... and heavy handed moderators."

Come on!!

Seeing what happens on other sites and talking with the people who serve as moderators on these sites, I really think heavy handed moderators is over the top.

Sure the people who serve here (Yes I'm one) do have bad days, we do get out of the wrong side of the bed and at times the "You said" - "No I didn't say" does get old!

Maybe we need to look back to Friday, 11/9/2007

http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=172728#id_172728 ?

SCOUTER-Terry posted:

"One cool thing about electronic Forums is that no matter how much nonsense someone wants to type, no trees or baby seals must die for the privilege. So, feel free to flame on with nonsense... but don't hijack other discussions, and don't be unScoutlike."






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don't hijack other discussions, and don't be unScoutlike.


Seems like "Thread Closed" can be a hijack, eh? :)


As to not bein' unScoutlike...


A Scout is Brave... He has the courage to stand for what he thinks is right (Boy Scout Handbook p. 53)


Seems like that includes bein' up front about "signing" moderation. ;)


Anyway, feedback is a gift. Because "there will be time when your judgment fails and you make mistakes. Now and then that happens to everyone" (Boy Scout Handbook, from A Scout is Trustworthy). Signed moderation just enables us to give feedback :).




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