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Board of Review Question

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Actually, this particular BOR should have been most useful to the SM:


CC Jack: SM Bill, let's have a cup of coffee...

SM Bill: Sure...


They get coffee and go out of earshot of other youth and adults.


CC Jack: Hey, are the Scribe and the Advancement Coordinator supporting you? We just had to defer Johnny on his Star BOR, because he lacked an Eagle required MB...

SM Bill: Really? Who signed off on the conference? Johnny didn't do it with me...

CC Jack: Hmmm. OK, I can work on that. Who do you delegate to do SM conferences?

SM Bill: Only Dave. I'll have a talk with my ASMs.

CC Jack: Fair enough. I'll have a talk with the Advancement Coordinator.


The problem is a youth got to an advancement BOR without being ready. Stops along the way should include PL, Scribe, Advancement Coordinator on the Committee, and the SM (or ASM) who held the SM conference. The solution is quiet encouragement up and down the line

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We just do a continuance of the BOR, and the Scout gets his book signed once the paperwork is completed, the date is correct, etc. Usually one member of the BOR is given signature authority to sign off for everyone else after the Scout shows, say, the completed blue card for a specific merit badge.

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Our situations haven't been quite the same, but we'd do as Horizon says. We'd suspend the BOR and finish it later.


Scoutfish - the link that nolesrule gave you is good. I think that one of the reasons for the BOR is to make sure that someone other than just the SM is looking over the advancement. But assuming that all checks out, as it normally does, then the conversation proceeds along the lines you imagine.

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I don't know if this is a too small a nit to pick, but that won't stop me.


I am sure everyone recognizes that a Board of Review also reviews the Unit's Program and how well the youth is being served by the program as much as it's about whether or not the youth has succeeded in his advancements. Make no mistake, the boy has to have done all the requirements completed, but a Board of Review is also the time to get the youths perspective on how the Troop is handled and if the Troops activities appeal to the youth.


It is supposed to be a two way conversation

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The scout doesn't HAVE to PASS a SMC in order for it to be signed off.

He just has to HAVE one. The SM "could" have told the youth "You still have one more merit badge to do, or you still have service hours to do", and that could be construed as having a rank advancement SMC, and for the legalized types that we have on this site, the scout "could" also sign his own book for that matter, using the reasoning that he had a SMC, and the rules do not say anywhere in the requirements that the scout can't sign off on his requirements. Only for Eagle does it state that the Scoutmaster or unit leader is the to sign the application.

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A couple of quick points.


1)Yes, BOR are for both the Scout (advancement or otherwise) and also to evaluate the program.


2) NealOnWheels, baschram645 and others - you state that "you" need to schedule a BOR. I feel the Scout should schedule a BOR, not the SM, not an SA, not the PL, not the SPL, not his mother, etc. That said, the Scout could easily schedule a BOR and not have everything signed off. Going through the BOR and tehn getting written instructions on what he needs and then when the Scout feels he has fulfilled those requirements - have him again schedule a BOR is the best way to go IMO. I hate preschedule BOR times. That's geared for the adults and not in the best interest of the program.



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COOL! This is along the lines of what I meant.


Specifically, I was thinking along the lines of :


"but it does give the board a way to understand what must be done and to assist the Scout in doing it".


Especially the part stating : " ....to assist the Scout in doing it."


Now, as I stated, I have no experience in Boy Scoutuing what so ever( other than knowing a guy who was in it , way way back when).


But Review was the part I was wondering about. I wasn't challenging how it DOES work, but questioning how I thought it SHOULD work in my unexperienced eye.


THanks for the link. I copied and pasted it to my favorites bar and doccuments.

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"You" was probably a poor choice of word as AT1988 is an Assistant Scoutmaster. The "you" I was talking about is the members of the board of review. The procedures clearly state they are the ones to schedule another board of review if one goes unfavorably for the Scout.



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